Crazy Rush

I just finished a 11$ one table at FullTilt. On the first hand, one guy with pocket 8's took out two guys with pocket kings. That fired up the table, and we lost another person by hand 5.

Then I hit a rush, and with 5 hands I took out everyone else save the guy on my right. I was dealt pocket aces, AK to another guys AQ, pocket kings, and AQ, where I flopped the nut straight and check called when the previous chip leader went all in with bottom pair.

The last hand was pretty ugly, A6 for top pair vs a flush draw, but there was no way I was folding at that point. I've hit rushes of cards before, but never experienced people so eager to give away the're money in such a short span.

Took me 40 hands heads up to win it heads up.

Nice lol. Poker sure is easy when that happens.

Oh and I know exactly what your opponents where thinking when you raised yet again, "GOD AGAIN? Well, he CANT possibly have a good hand THIS TIME too! I call!"