crazyhook's All Drunk Team

Crazyhooks 2003 All Drunk Team

I have to go with c-Eric Lindros ( drinks about as many beer a night as he has had concussions, rw- Theo Fleury- had a 60,000.00 a year chaperon to make sure he did not hit the bottle. LW -Don Brasher ( new to the all drunk team but not to the bottle). Defence - Peter Worrell ( drives drunk better then he skates), Phil Housley ( hate to pick on the old guy but I needed another defencemen. In between the pipes Ed Belfour ( sorry Eagle)

No Bob Probert? WTF?


I heard Belfour is fun to drink with. Somebody had posted pictures on the OG of them with hin in Toronto out at the bar when he was visiting with the Stars.

I know that was my starting line up... have to work on the next line

Brash over Probie?? Fuck no.

Probie was a all-star, with many many DUI convictions. He was banned from Canada and arested for coke possession.

AND he could womp Brash's guts out easily.


forgot about Bob.... Hull would be the coach

lol i ever tell you about Hull in Canmore? He was speaking there at a seminar or a conference of some kind..Anyways he thinks he'll try and be *cool* and his already drunk ass goes outside to smoke up with some local skids.They listen to the old man blab on and on and when he's good and stoned they tell him about some party with lots of local skanks not too far away.They walk there but halfway there, in the middle of freakin nowhere they ditch him when he goes to take a leak lol...The cops found him a couple of hours later wandering around incoherent and just baked out of his mind and took him back to his hotel lol.

Spankenstyne great story man!

worrell is not a defensive man and don't forget about McCarty, mutherfucker drank a 12 pack at his own golf tournament

I hope he was not driving a golf cart

Isn't corson a bit of a booze bag too??

He was always in bar fights, and has had a few crashes on boats up in cottage country