Creatine for 15 year old

I have a 15 year old daughter who is both a diver and a swimmer. She does not eat meat, chicken, fish, etc. Only potatoes and salad on occasions. Sometimes snacks on cheese.

Would it be advantageous to get her on creatine?? She has two years left in high school and is still improving. She needs some more muscle though as she is naturally skinny.

She needs to look at her diet and training intensity 1st.

Then, maybe consider it if she is a sprinter or supplements with intense weight training.

Otherwise, waste of money.

The diet concerns me.

Creatine for 15 year old girl? Not a good idea.

I agree, but without workout intensity or a good diet, I doubt she will get the benefit. (and what kind of intensity can she get with that diet?)

I am not a fan of expensive piss with no benefit.

IF he has a 15 y.o. daughter, she is already sucking his wallet dry.

A nutrition book and a multi-vitamin would be the best investments for now.

eabeam is the truth in this matter.

This was the best advice I think I got from the Strength & Conditioning forum:

"Yes on the Whey protein. She needs to incorporate weight training if shes going to add muscle mass and must consume more calories than she's burning. One solution might be MRP's (meal replacements) between meals. Also, if she starts eating more you'll definitely want to get her some digestive enzymes so she's not gassy, bloated and cramping"

So I might work on getting her to drink protein shakes and drink lots of water.

eabeam: Married with 3 kids is why my wallet is dry!!

Using supplements to make up for such a poor whole food diet is definitely not ideal. But in this case, an MRP may be a lesser of the 2 evils.