creatine? how often really?

when i was younger and worked out 5 times a week i took it 5 times.

now as i am older (34) I ONLY WORK OUT 2-3 TIMES EVERY 7 DAYS. like 10 -12 times a month.

my question is, to put on muscle mass, how often should i take creatine? only on workout days? or 7 days a week?



the consensus from what i gather seems to be every day. on training
days, half a dose pre workout, half postworkout. and whenever is
convenient on rest days, to keep your creatine levels topped off and aid
in muscle recovery. i totally just spit that back out from shit i read on
another message board.

All current resarch I have read says that you can benefit from as little 3 grams a day.

Also, Loading is not needed; although you will see a faster response with the load Vs the slow buildup.

Finally there appears to be no advantage to cycling. Once on it you can stay on as long as you like.

So, what I would do is load for a few days anyway (cuz I am impatient) and then maintain with 5 grams a day.


what Taku said however worth highlighting that the faster response is only in the first few days of taking it. Once you are on it, taking piles of the stuff will not make any difference.

Also, from what I have read, you can skip your dose on non-work days as the level in your body drops quite slowly and as your absorbtion potential increases after excercise to about 130% of normal, any that you take on your off days would just be a waste of money. For the same reason, you should take it after excercise not before.


can i skip non workout days?

i would load it 20 grams for 5 days

then 5 grams immediately post workout
in the morning nonworkout days 5 grams

and 1 gallon of water everyday


After a workout with your post workout shake would probably be the best time to take creatine.