Creatine, Protein and Colon Cleans

Hey all,
i started lifting weights again, trying to get my bloated ass healthy again.

I got the GNC triple cleansing program for colon cleanser.

I also got creatine and whey protein. The question is if would be ok for me to do the colon cleansing program at the same time I am loading up on creatine?

Will taking the cleanser affect how much protein intake my muscles are getting? Will cleansing dehydrate me at all?

Maybe I should just stop taking creatine until after I go through the cleanse prograM?

thanks in advance if anyone can help!

Im not a doctor, but I am a med-surg nurse, familiar with gi problems.... and that colon cleanser stuff is pretty idiotic. Your colon cleans itself, you dont need some pricey cleanser to take care of it. Also your "cleanser" just destroys any obsorbtion of anything you eat. Do you know where nutreints are obsorbed? the small and large intestince. So anything you take in to "cleanse" your colon is going to obsorb all good nutrients and pass it out for you. Everything gets taken out as stool... protien, vitamins, creatin... everything.

Another problem is... that if you do it enough, your colon gets addicted to it, and the only way you can pass a proper bowel movement is with a colon cleanser. If your not constipated, and your healthy dont do it. And if you are... see your doctor before taking this product.

Colon cleansers, liver detoxers... all pure quack medicine. Ya people have done mri and ct's before liver cleanse... you know what they found? Nothing. What comes out is soapstones basically that are formed from the wierd stuff you eat.

If your really that woried about colon health, just eat more vegtables... uncooked.