Creatine, Protein and Colon Cleans

Hey all, i started lifting weights again, trying to get my bloated ass healthy again.
I got the GNC triple cleansing program for colon cleanser.

I also got creatine and whey protein. The question is if would be ok for me to do the colon cleansing program at the same time I am loading up on creatine?

Will taking the cleanser affect how much protein intake my muscles are getting? Will cleansing dehydrate me at all?

Maybe I should just stop taking creatine until after I go through the cleanse prograM?

thanks in advance if anyone can help!

The only 'cleansing' product you may need is fiber.  Anything else is an absolute waste of money.

why do you say? Are these colon cleansing products just a gimick ?

Yes, they are.  Your colon is perfectly capable of cleaning itself.  If it can't, then you have a serious medical condition.  The quacks and charlatans who want your money will try and tell you that everybody has impacted feces, parasites, fecal bark, etc.  Bullshit.  No pun intended. 

If you're not eating a lot of fruits and veggies, then take some Metamucil to supplement your fiber intake.

And GNC is a store to stay away from, IMO.  Overpriced, overhyped and they have very questionable business practices.

yeah way overpriced... I also should not have bought their shitty creatine just because it was the cheapest one... mixes horribly and tastes like vitamins.

I will say though that their %100 Whey Protein is some good shit....

I searched froogle and ebay and think i might be able to get some good deals on xyience so I will prob switch to nox-cg3 or something, especially since it has nitric oxide and other things all in one instead of spening lots of money on additional supplements to take WITH the creatine.

Live and learn lol

hmm... well I think i may take back the colon cleanser and just get some fiber mix it in with my protein shakes or something...

can anyone else attest (sp?) to pfsjkd's post? Would just like a second opinion before going back...


Haven't heard too many positives about Xyience either.

Also, saw a study recently that claimed there was no benefit to taking nitric oxide enhancers.  Another waste of money, IMO.

just want to chime in here and say that I agree with pfsjkd. Everything I have read leads me to beleive that colon cleansers and No2 supps area waste of money.

what do you think about alpha lipoic acid as a transport?

and nitric oxide is supposed to cause your veins to open wider, becoming more vascular... Would that not allow proteins/amino acids/creatine faster transportation to the muscles?

well... protein drinks seem to be scam free. I am sure they have marketing gimmicks for those too but I think a protein shake immediately after workout helps with recovery, no doubt.

wtih everything else though idk... just trying to research as much as possible...

on a side note when using creating I do notice an improvement in vascularity, recovery and pumps...

and nitric oxide is supposed to cause your veins to open wider, becoming more vascular... Would that not allow proteins/amino acids/creatine faster transportation to the muscles?

What it's supposed to do and what it has been proven to do seem to be not so close.

Protein supps are prolly your most effective supplement that seems to be grounded in science.  Although some people will say that it's just that; a supplement.  They would say that if given the chance, whole food protein would be better than a protein supplement.  I think this is arguable given some of the studies done on whey, but there ya go.

That being said, many companies (GNC, etc.) invent all sorts of bullshit scientific sounding words to put on the labels of their proteins to make them more marketable.  I suggest or for making your own custom formula with no fillers, artificial ingredients, and with natural sweeteners instead of buying premade shit that's hyped to high heaven.

Supplements don't hit back, unless it's fish oil.

The only supplements you should be taking are protein powder, creatine, BCAA's and salmon oil/flax oil.

Im a big fan of glucosamine chondroitin with msm

with most proteins on the market they only build muscle in your body for 30 mins. I use muscle gain by advocare it builds muscle in your body for 3 hours. Thats just the facts.


Best supplement for training I've found is Knowledge. Books are a great
delivery system.

I use muscle gain by advocare it builds muscle in your body for 3 hours. Thats just the facts.

The 'facts' as stated right on the container, right? Don't be a victim of marketing, mmmkay?

well you can actually talk to the doctors that put together the products. I got a chance to actually talk with two of them in Oct. So I am not falling for some marketing thing. I really researched the products also. Its the science behind a products just just some marketing crap. Feel free to check it out if you don't believe me buddy. Also I can get you on the phone with someone who can answer any questions you have.

Just because they're MDs doesn't make their marketing gimmick factual. Not only does real food protein digest slower than whey, so does any protein supplement that includes casein or is blended with milk.

Most athletes who follow a sensible diet already get enough protein from real food. The purpose of the post-workout protein shake is to supply the body with amino acids and other nutrients quickly. Whey protein along with some simple carbs is ideal in that situation.

If you like advocare's muscle gain, go ahead and use it; I'm not going to tell you to what to eat. But don't go around saying "that's the facts" when your claims are misleading halftruths.

Im not a doctor, but I am a med-surg nurse, familiar with gi problems.... and that colon cleanser stuff is pretty idiotic. Your colon cleans itself, you dont need some pricey cleanser to take care of it. Also your "cleanser" just destroys any obsorbtion of anything you eat. Do you know where nutreints are obsorbed? the small and large intestince. So anything you take in to "cleanse" your colon is going to obsorb all good nutrients and pass it out for you. Everything gets taken out as stool... protien, vitamins, creatin... everything.
Another problem is... that if you do it enough, your colon gets addicted to it, and the only way you can pass a proper bowel movement is with a colon cleanser. If your not constipated, and your healthy dont do it. And if you are... see your doctor before taking this product.

Colon cleansers, liver detoxers... all pure quack medicine. Ya people have done mri and ct's before liver cleanse... you know what they found? Nothing. What comes out is soapstones basically that are formed from the wierd stuff you eat.

If your really that woried about colon health, just eat more vegtables... uncooked