Creatine Serum - Rip Off?

The other day I (possibly) stupidly bought a bottle of creatine serum on the recommendation of a friend.

I've trained regularly for years but recently have found it diffucult to train as often as I would like due to being tired from irregular shifts at work and I thought creatine could give me the boost I need.

At the moment I train BJJ 1x a week, 1 long run a week, 1 or 2 weights sessions and a few crossfit workouts.

I'm 80k and 5'8 with hardly any fat and my only goal is to be strong for my size and to carry on enjoying my training.

Anyway after buying this serum I did a bit of research on the internet (yeah I know I should have done my research before) and it seems that the general consensus is that this stuff is junk, worse than junk in fact it may even be harmful.

My question is should I cut my losses and bin it and put it down to an (expensive) learning experience, or take the stuff anyway since I've paid for it?

Any input is appreciated.

I'd say pop it. If anything liquids usually synthesis quicker then tablets or pills. I had good luck with powder creatine, but I'd try liquid either way, it's a benefit. L8R....

I haven't been up and up on supplements in awhile but back when I was the consensus was that any Creatine serum was a scam.Creatine is not Stable in liquid and degrades.

Cheers for the input guys.

Actually works fine for me. I've been taking it for a month, and seems to work the same as the regular.

Yeah well creatine isnt stable in liquid, it converts to the metabolite version of itself known as creatinin - Which is the bad boy associated with kidney problems.

However if the creatine liquid is suspended in an oil base rather than a water/liquid base then the product will be ok(usually suspended in a soy bean oil base) however there are brands out there that do not follow standard procedure and put it in with an h2O base. Ie muscle marketing.

If you are going to use a creatine product, use an esterfied creatine - awesome absorption and a noticeable difference in strength.

I highly recommend the BSN NO-explode - ( although not a creatine ester, awesome product non the less).

so are my explosive shits 3-5 times a day because of the creatine serum or the hydroxycut?