Creatine serum???

I just started working at a gym this week and noticed that they sell both creatine powder and serum. I have never heard anything about the serum before, but it is supposed to be better and you don't have to load, just five drops under the tongue before you workout. Can anyone tell me more about this like if it works and is it better than the powder? Thanks

There is a class action lawsuit against GNC over a certain brand of creatine serum.

I started a thread on this a couple of weeks ago after I bought some serum.

I have been using it since then in my training and have noticed absolutely no difference to how I feel or to my performance whatsoever.

I'd go for the powder if I were you. Cheaper, safer and it'll actually work.

I'm seriously thinking of binning my serum in spite of what it cost to buy.

Also see

Hope I've saved you some money.

Hasn't it been proven that Creatine Serum has been showed to be worthless.

Do a search at T-Nation I think there is some info on there related to a study.

But I could be making this up I'm a bit off kilter.

I can't believe they still sell that crap. Creatine is unstable in liquid (serum) form. Mule is correct. It has been shown to be worthless.

Hey thanks for the responses guys, I went ahead and just got the normal creatine powder since I have heard nothing positive about the serum.