iv been looking into creatine and am wondering what yu guys think of this stuff? good bad ? why why not? and are any of you guys taking this stuff?

Creatine is great if you are doing the proper weight training and healthy eating along with taking it.

Your natural muscle make-up consists of creatine so when you take creatine you are upping the amount your body produces.  That helps to produce strength and muscle gains.  I recommend though, that you take a good protein supplement along with it since protein is the most necessary element needed to produce muscle gains. 

It's also good to cycle it.  Your body needs time to adjust and to rest.  It's different for everyone so ask the worker at the nutrition store what they think or call the hotline number offered on the back of the bottle you'll buy. 

Just remember, you must be dedicated to your eating plans and fitness plans or you're wasting time and money.  Good Luck!          

thanx! just wanated to get the low down on this stuff before i start taking it!hmmm good health and balanced deit huh? i feel a new years resolution !!

drink a ton of water when you're on it or you'll cramp up. good strength gains. gives you an extra couple of reps you would normally be burned on.

Caffeine negates the effects of Creatine. So, if you drink Coffee Try to get as much info about if it's still worth it.