Creating a thread for SLYGIRL

Im an attention driven whore, I need possitve attention.

So please worship my large  nose and the tits i payed to much for.

*worships tits and offers a stick of Ban ultra dry*

Hi Gen just dropped in to say HELLO!

hi sexz

*Sticks dollar bill in GenErick's thong and asks for change*

How are you doing?

lol visc suck your change at will


yeah generick, I have been waiting to romoshop you now for at least an hour.

Slygirl, you ain't got to lie to kick it.


xshanex is correct

great new twist to the whoring by posting your email for all to see LOL

Hey Slygirl, on the off chance you are who I'm thinkin of, which city did ya grow up in?

this is me as seen before

cute pic

*tucks Genericks picture away for future use*

Ok romo me ill split gasket

im gonna tell Kirik