Creating a thread for SLYGIRL

shane, hit her off with a couple bucks for me

me too shane

I don't put up a buck for a stripper unless she shows the pusssaaaaay.

I'll paypal three bucks for the bootyhole.

"which place in cleveland do u work again? i never go to those places, but maybe ill come visit u? u shouldnt get so bummed about the razzing. its all in good fun."

LOL @ Shane using this as an opportunity to slip in on Slygirl's good side and get some mogambo.

Can't say I haven't done anything similar, though.


Jenny wheres my romo? You promised!

generick looks too old to be fucking the OG

lol is there an age limit? I'm 35.

I thought Gen looked rather like Winny the Poo...minus the yellow fuzz.


lol @ this thread

lol here goes again!!