Creationists Perform Good Research, Too!

So I was at the Answers in Genesis page to take another look at their "Arguments Creationists should avoid" article, when I saw this headline in their news feed:

Creationists Perform Good Research, Too!

Drawn in by the hilarious pleading inherent in that title, I took a look at the page. It's exactly what it sounds like: AiG wonders why no one takes them serial, despite the fact that they've got PhD's and junk.

It even highlights the fact that these scientists have been published in secular, peer-reviewed academic journals!

...of course, it fails to mention that only one of them has been published in a secular journal within the last decade, and that none of the research which they've published in secular journals advances the claims of Creation Science.

The following is a list of the scientists given primary mention, in that article, along with the year of their most recently published work appearing in a secular journal (at least, the latest I was able to locate; please correct me if anyone finds better):

Dr. Georgia Purdom - 2002
Dr. Andrew Snelling - 1982
Dr. David Menton - 1995
Dr. Danny Faulkner - 2004

At the risk of VTFD's, I decided to share with my OG brethren! Phone Post

Can you imagine being the head of the Kentucky Paleontologist Society and trying to coexist with a creationist "museum" in your state (in the Bible Belt, no less) that thousands of people visit and accept as fact?

It has to be maddening.