Credit Card for Sky Miles

I made a post on the OG, but I should ask here as well, What is the best Credit Card to go for to earn Sky Miles for money spent? Also want to be able to use it with most airlines as well.


AMEX GOLD BUSINESS, use it for all business expenses and you will rack up quite a few miles.

"Personally, I would go with a card that gives you cash back. "

He asked for sky miles, not cash back.

Unless you are really a high volume user (usually business expense), the fees and APR on the reward cards don't usually add up when compared to the no fee lower APR cards that you can use with no rewards.

I would really run the numbers based on your spending habits to see what would be cheaper.

You may find that keeping the money in your pocket is worth more than miles. Especially with the games airlines are playing with redeeming them.