Credit Repair: Where to start?

O.k. I'll admit that I've been a total dumbass for about...twenty-six yrs.(I'm twenty-six). I am a single parent and hope to someday buy a house. There are several business I owe money to, including a negative bank account that was closed recently. I make good money now, and know how to live below my means. Can someone give me some good ideas where to start? I would like to have some creadit I don't have to drive an old piece of s#$! car, and maybe take a vacation. That would be cool. Any info is greatly appreciated.

All of this is just my opinion.

There's no easy way. You have to give up some things.

Driving a s*&^ car is a good way to save a lot of money. But if you need to have a nice car, then you have to find somewhere else to give something nice up.

My wife and I go out to restaurants with some frequency. But we have a s&*% car and a cheap apartment. So we save a lot each month.

Beware of any solution that doesn't involve giving something up. You're not going to solve your problem by buying things cheaper or tipping less or something (you're just going to piss people off). You need to make do with less.

Sit down and plan out all your expenses each month. Make sure you budget a large amount for savings/debt repayment. You will probably need to cut spending a lot.

My ex-partner used to clean up credit,he got a house,and close to $40K of credit card debt off his well as a reposessed vehicle from when he was at his worst.

There are numerous places to buy CD's off the internet with sample letters to the credit bureaus,steps on what to do,how to write the bureaus and dispute the charges etc.

Another buddy bought one of the Cd's,when he started his beacon score was sub 400!! I know because I was the one who pulled his credit from my carlot,after 6 months he had his score up to 650 and most of the negative charge offs deleted from his report...not bad.I have been trying to get in touch with him,since my accident my credit has went to hell,and I desperately need to get it cleaned up.

OK. Two questions:

  1. Do you have all three copies of your credit reports?

  2. Do you have all three of your credit (FICO) scores?