Creepy guy at the gym.

Okay obligatory weird gym-guy story.

The locker room at my gym is a big rectangle. In the middle of that rectangle is the bathroom/shower area. Leaving the locker room pretty much requires you to walk by the shower area.

While trying to leave one day, I noticed a naked guy standing by the sink. Not terribly unusual; there's almost always a naked weirdo about. While walking away, something clicked in my brain. Upon further inspection this was a special kind of werido. He was utilizing the wall mounted hair dryer to dry his hair. On his balls.

Yes, fucko was blow drying the moisture from hairy old man balls.

I don't know if it's worse that he was doing something that no one should ever do; or that everyone in the locker room saw me double take on freako.


I have to admit I have seen this many times.

The worst for me is that at some of the nice clubs I have worked at they have T.V. lounge areas. Well...there is always some fat f~!@#$ who just lays on the couch nude while he watches T.V.



Hey MTG,

if you orderd, it should have gone out all ready. I'll check with my business partner and see if yours has shipped.


i walked around the corner in the gym locker room and almost ran into a guy blow drying his balls. All he had on were fip flops, and one foot was up on a tall trash can. Worse of all was the fact that he was using his free hand to pull up his nut sac while he was blow drying it. Terrible. I turned around and made haste in the opposite direction.Oh, yes I almost forgot. He said 'hi" to me with a big grin on his face. I no longer train in public gyms.

Hmm, is this commonplace in the "maybe I should try it" way? Or in the same way that fat old naked guys always perch one leg up on a stool, bench/whatever and watch the tv in the locker room?

Maybe if I wake up enough before my wife tomorrow morning I'll give it a shot and report back findings.

TAKU<------Has never blow dryed hi ball-sac

Me and Taku worked together and can confirm his story. There are also people who try to talk to you while they are buck naked. Just standing there sail flapping in the breeze.

Taku if you are hairless do your balls need to be blow dried????