Cremated, buried or other?

Upside down naked in a ditch for all I care… I’m fucking dead.

But saying that I want a jedi prye

Yeah but, you’ll wake up on your death bed. So, you’ll still be near your expiration date

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This, the ocean by my place in South Carolina

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No, you have to be dead first to be cryogenically frozen. The idea is that in the future theyll be able to reincarnate a deceased person provided their body and brain is still intact.

So you’ll still wake up a wrinkly old fuck?

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IF they have the tech to reincarnate someone they likely have the tech to make you look/feel younger. Who knows what the future will bring, at least with cryo you have that chance to come back.

you like 2021 america so much, you figured you come back 200 years later for some more ?

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I’m planning for the smithereen process. Flop my naked carcass face down ass up on a bed of tannerite and make it go boom.

Rest in Pieces, motherfucker.

Just dump me in a random forest/desert and let nature devour me.

Bury me in smoke

Stuffed, then sit me in the basement living room i can hold the remote

When my brother-in-law died he had always said and had even told me before he died he wanted to be cremated. Which is what my sister was going to do. His family, however, wanted him to be buried in the cemetery his father was buried in. So my sister bought him a lot, casket and the whole nine yards to make them happy. Think the funeral ended up costing her about $25k altogether with all that included. I have always told my family to dispose of me in the cheapest and most convenient way possible for them if i ever go.

Nobody interested in giving their body to science? Get worked on by the next generation of medical students.

No because i want people working on finding a cure for cancer. If i donated my body to science they would all be obsessed and spend all their time trying to figure out how my cawk was so big!

Bury me with my butt cheeks sticking out of the ground so my wife has somewhere to park her bike

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I remember having this conversation with my wife. When asked how I wanted my body dealt with I said BBQed. My daughter started crying and said that wasn’t funny, so I guess cremation

Send my body to Papua Néw Guinea so they can make pulled pork sandwiches out of me.

Kuru sandwiches

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I want my backstraps taken.

One I want smoked with hickory, very simple.

The other, I want seared in pork fat. Deglaze with red wine and some beef broth, throw in some shallots, garlic and mushrooms. Simmer that shit on low for 90 minutes or so. Add a bit of cornstarch and water at the end to thicken up. Serve over mashed potatoes.

Send my body to the Wuhan lab for resurrection experiments.

If that doesn’t work out then there’s the wet market.

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