'Creonte' finds home at RGDA

Background on this douchbag:
TMA Shogun Martial Arts Center -Shaun Hahn, student at Peloton BJJ for almost 3 yrs., asked and granted an affiliation last year.Attends a seminar with Prof.Royler, Royler asks Peloton to consider joining RGDA. I respectfully refuse, this ass clown! contacts David Adiv and sends me an email that he is going to stop training due to financial and travel time.

You be the judge: Shaun, just to be clear about your decision, I was informed about your affiliation with RGDA.You are a liar and a coward.I believe a man's word is all a person can live by. Your word means nothing.I live by my words, you are an opportunist lacking in Integrity and Loyalty= CREONTE. Ask Prof.Royler if that type of person is who he wants representing him?, I have no ill feeling towards any of the students I promoted and taught at your school.
You could have avoided this by being HONEST, instead of trying to mislead me and everyone at Peloton.You came to me for an affiliation, myself and everyone at Peloton treated you and Shogun as family.
I will make sure this gets out to the BJJ community and that Royler finds out about your actions, we have to live by our actions and yours will bite you in the ass!.
As I said before this was never about $$ for me, you attached your name to Peloton and more so to mine, which I don't take lightly.
I wonder what story you gave RGDA about your past affiliation?, your 'True colors" have come to light!!.

My only suggestion to you now is if you see me in public- Do not approach me, and if you do be prepared to catch the ass beating of a lifetime!!
See ya Creonte!!!

From: shaunjosef@hotmail.com
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Subject: hey
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 20:29:50 -0400
Hey Paul;
We have some bad news. We have run into some financial issues and we are going to have to cancel our program and affiliation for now. It is not only financial but it is also the travel time in which i have to put in. It ends up taking away from our business. I barley make it to work on time after coming to classes. Its just not working out for my school and thats what i really need to think about right now. I hope you are not to upset. It has nothing to do with you or the training. I do hope to return, and train with you again in the future. Take care. I believe Phil and Scott and some others, will still be training with you. And i will still refer anyone who wants just BJJ lessons to your school.
Shaun and Ann

 Don't sweat it bro, you are better off without them. We all experience these ass clowns from time to time and there will always be more in the future. Anybody who has ever left my school was a blessing for me and I'm sure it is the same with you.

I agree.

This coming from a guy with 2 mins. on this forum. Go find someone else to bother.

look at yourself.

you are the one stressing and losing time and sleep, meanwhile he's doing his thing.

don't stress it. let it slide

dont sweat it man, you dont need him. I understand your upset, i know you are very passionate about bjj and this must really burn you seeing a guy who is just in it for business reasons. Even though we dont see eye to eye on things a lot, your passion and intentions for bjj are as pure as it comes.

It's not about losing a student or affiliate, I was actually considering allowing him to use the Peloton Assoc. for free, because he was having financial troubles.
I just found out tonight about the RGDA thing, no worries.
Just wanted to vent a bit.

Royler and David run a fantastic Assoc., it's not about that, it's having enough class to say:
'I'm going to be attaching the RGDA flag to my school, I believe it's the best thing for my academy' done-not so hard.

Not making up some bullshit story to suit your needs.

that's a crappy way to find out about it. He definitely should've told you. Nothing to do now but move on, karma will pay him back. take care, and best wishes.

Hope you and Heidi are well also.

does the guy have his side of teh story? i know it is pretty shitty for him to do this, and im in no way defending him, but he might have a reason, however pathetic it may be.
as u said, he should have just manned up and told u to ur face he wanted to join a more high profile association, which is what it seems like

he was probably scared or didn't know what to do. so he's scared, big deal. chalk it up to not knowing any better.


I mean this with all due respect, seriously. I think you are going about this the wrong way.

If you HAD trained him for free (you said you were considering it, but not that you were actually doing it), then I can totally understand your reaction. But I assume he was paying, and as such, he has to value your product more than he does someone else's.

I come from the Carlson Gracie team and we all learned straight from Carlson the importance of loyalty. I'll be with Rey Diogo until the day I give up jiujitsu. But Im with him because he's shown me time and time again that he is my friend and coach whether or not I'm making my monthly payments. He's given me plenty of attention, sparring time, advice, and genuine concern, and the only way I can pay him back is to offer my loyalty in return.

Now, if you don't have that deep of a connection to the student, then you can't be too upset when he chooses to spend his time and money elsewhere. If you offer a service for a price and the person decides he wants a different service from someone else, then that is his right and you shouldnt threaten him or feel threatened by it. That said, if you are offering something well above and beyond, into the realm of friendship or personal mentoring, then I can see why you would feel (justifiably) angry.

No disrespect intended.

Would it had really been better if he would have fessed up and be honest about it from the get go?

the title sorta infers that RGDA is a home to traitors. which is not cool.

RGDA is one the best asscociations there is

I offered this student more than just instruction, as I said before it's not about $$$.
I was blindsided by this decision.
I have no problem accepting the change in affiliation, my issue is with this guys 'Character', Over the past years not once did I ever charge a dime for a single private he received.
If he had a conflict or problem, constructive critique of my style of teaching or purely just felt like moving on, all he needed to say was: 'I need to move on'.
The emails that follow show that.
Notice the dates, Why would he want me to promote a student of his if he felt the need to switch affiliations?.

RE: hey?
From: Paul Ferranti (paulferranti@hotmail.com)
Sent: Fri 7/24/09 10:56 AM
To: Shaun Josef (shaunjosef@hotmail.com)

Hey Shaun,
Have Chris come out a few days for the next month, I want to see him roll with some of the guys in the mon/wed pm-classes.
I will give him the same blue/belt test I gave you, so make sure he prepares and is ready for the 25mins of escapes/from all control positions and that he has a good understanding of the game.
cya broda.

From: shaunjosef@hotmail.com
To: paulferranti@hotmail.com
Subject: hey
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 2009 09:11:30 -0400

Hey Paul.......i think Chris Hussar is ready for his blue belt test. He has put more time in than anyone and he is our most technical guy. He has every thing down on the sheets you gave to me. What should be the next step.

Thanks Brother

This has nothing to do with RGDA, I feel I made that pretty clear Tyler.
But again you have the right to make your own opinion.
I was affiliated with UNIJJ, Saulo and Xande, and Chris Blanke for over a year.
I continue my friendship with everyone till this day.
'Character, Loyalty, Family, Honesty'.

this is the wrong place for this. this is an internal battle, not a public one.

wack thread

Is this guy a blue belt running his own school?