Trained at the same affiliated school for over 3 years. 

Was the only show in town regarding jiu-jitsu, so I had to deal with a lot of weirdness out of the owner/head instructor (classes always starting late, classes were "about him," 1, maybe 2 techniques, shown quickly then right to rolling for the rest of class, so he could try and kill us all, etc. etc. etc.)

Got hurt, had to stay out for sometime.

Recently hooked up with some ammy mma guys, rolling with them, working on striking as well. 

No plans to return to my first school. No plans to worry about the next stripe on my belt or expensive (near mandatory) affilate training.

All that to ask: Creonte?


not at all

Brazilian machismo bullshit. Train where you want. 

oh yeah, after training with these guys, never going back.

mma guys, very generally speaking, seem way more into the time spent on the mat, getting finishes, getting out of guard.  working.  I've picked up a TON already.


no, good bjj teachers focus on that.  

precisely.  now it feels like the first three years were a bit of wheel spinning at this point. 

still picked up basics, got a win or two under my belt in competition, but man, these guys; way more crisp, way more intense.  coach each other after rolls, critique respectfully. 

Ugh.  Realizing my first school was ... maybe not so good.  Some great folks and training partners but ... ugh.