Cried when your character died?

Anybody ever cry or get pissed when your character died or went through rough times? When I was younger, I've held grudges against DM's being assholes towards the character I was playing. Usually over stuff like: having my character always be the first targeted and blasted by enemy wizards, I always seem to get the cursed item, somebody getting chocolate/cheetohs fingerprints on my character sheets, etc.

it's hard not to feel disappointed when a character you've played for a long time finally bites it. never cried, tho. just hung my head in shame and ate a quesodillo while making a new one

just when you get iced cause trhe DM is being an asshole.

I've never, but I came close in the 7th grade.

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Classic. I love those Chic Tracks!

I occasionally would give a yell of frustation (usually more at the horrible die roll that resulted in the death than on the actual death itself) but cry?


The PWNMaster spends too much time fondling his little dice bag.