Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano Bellator 300 "The Final Battle" 🩸

Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano might be the final battle in Bellator. The main event of Bellator 300 is pitching these two icons together. Both are known for their time in the UFC.

Cyborg a champion and Zingano almost a champion. Cyborg was also a champion everywhere else she has fights.

Zingano had the loss to Ronda Rousey in her title fight but versus Nunes she was successful. I fight Cris Cyborg regrets.

Years have passed and I heard Bellator was going to be drained into PFL. Cat Zingano won all her fights in Bellator and was sent out of UFC after receiving a toe in her eye. While Cyborg won her last fight in UFC and won all her fights in Bellator as well.

Cat Zingano did look to have a weak knee going into her last fight but was successful against Leah McCourt. That is what got her the title fight.

If you look on Bellators website there is no Bellator 301 listed. To me that is the nail in the coffin for Bellator. If there’s no Bellator 301 listed we all know that this is the “final battle”.

Who wins the final battle? Cyborg or Zingano?

Cyborg wins, zingano will cry