Cris Rodriguez (GT) on TEAM USA

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MIDGET Secures a Spot on TEAM USA

Excerpt from outstanding USA Grappling World Team Trials coverage by Bevois, Gumby and our friends at OTM:

Women's 55 kg: - For Third Place (Final Spot on Team USA)

Cristina Rodriguez (Rob Kahn) over Carla O'Connell (No Limits) via RNC.

-This was a very interesting match as O'Connell is a very accomplished wrestler, specializing in high amplitude throws and Rodriguez is more comfortable from her back. After O'Connell landed one of her patented hip throws to score 5 points (throw ending in side control), Rodriguez re-established guard. O'Connell then disengaged and was very tentative about progressing, appearing comfortable with her lead. The referee gave her a penalty for stalling (2 points) and let Rodriguez pick what position to begin in. She chose top, passed O'Connell's guard, and established mount. From there she transitioned to the back and submitted O'Connell via RNC.

Props for Mi-Jitsu.