Cristiane 'Cyborg' Santos Leaves Belt & SF


Byeborg: Cristiane Santos walks after Strikeforce negotiations falter

Bane_tiny by Jesse Holland

Gina Carano can rest easy .... for now.

Strikeforce Women's 145-pound Champion Cristiane Santos is leaving her belt in San Jose after failing to reach an agreement with Strikeforce on a contract extension.

Cage Potato has the details:

A source we spoke to today received confirmation from Cyborg’s management that Zuffa’s exclusive negotiation period with the 10-1 Curitiba, Brazil fighter ended yesterday and that the parent company of Strikeforce and the UFC failed to come to terms with the Strikeforce women’s middleweight champ before she became a free agent at the stroke of midnight.

The report also states that Santos is in "serious discussions" with a competing promotion and could have a deal finalized as early as this weekend -- assuming they found a soul brave enough to fight her. has more:

Her manager Rudimar Fedrigo clarified Cyborg's situation. "We're still negotiating, the financial part is the point, but, meanwhile, she's set to fight in Brazil and is negotiating two more fights in Singapore."

Money talks, "Cyborg" walks.


Santos has kept herself busy by suplexing her way to a grappling gold medal and power-bombing Tito Ortiz. She's also been rumored to be appearing in a future event for World Wrestling Entertainment.

The Brazilian wrecking ball last competed in a two-round massacre of Jan Finney at Strikeforce: "Fedor vs. Werdum" way back in June 2010.

While she was only 57% accurate against "Cuddles," Santos threw a frightening 158 total bombs in the opening frame alone and finished with a total of 141 out of 236 total strikes (60%) including 63 "power strikes" and six knockdowns.

That's one strike every 3.3 seconds.

We don't yet know where "Cyborg" will end up, but be afraid. Be very afraid.


 She'll make BANK in the WWE.

Unless she was asking for an unreasonable amount of money, it's fucked that Zuffa let her go. This is not a good sign for Women's MMA unfortunately.

Zuffa could have easily cornered this market and made Strikeforce a niche product (women, feeder to UFC, co promotion with Far East)

Cyborg is highly marketable and a good role model for women athletics.

Dumb move letting her walk IMO.

 Dont blame her. If she can make more elsewhere, then move on

WTF she slammed tito like she was pickin up a LW.
Now we know how he got cracked skull Phone Post

women's mma is now done being televised.

as mentioned before...she'll make a ton in the WWE.

Where else will she go where she will get as much exposure?

Beginning of the end for women's MMA in Zuffa - at least for a few more years.

 I am not a very big WMMA fan but I'll watch Cyborg fight anywhere.  That chick is a killer.

Hate420 - Where else will she go where she will get as much exposure?

 Brazil maybe

Business as usual.

Damn :(

Business as usual

Huge loss, especially with all the other women's MMA opportunities out there. I'm sure this will destroy all that SF/Zuffa have built

 It's not the beginning of the end of women's mma, they simply couldn't find anyone to fight her imo.

I'm sure Bellator would love to have her

Would some rich fuckers that know MMA and have good TV relationships please start an MMA promotion already. There is obviously a market ready for one. Strikeforce and Pride provided a prototype.

That sucks.

Zuffa will not offer a high paying contract for her especially being a female fighter. They will most likely disolve the Strikeforce promotion once the contract with Showtime is ends. Any fighters with fights left on contract, if there are any, will then be added onto UFC cards until their contracts are fulfilled. Looking at history, we know the Zuffa will not include any female weight class in their promotion. Does it make sense to sign the top female fighter for a few million dollars (or whatever figure), when you know that Strikeforce operations will cease? The Strikeforce brand will be discontinued. It is a part of the Zuffa business plan, and so far, not having female fights has not hurt the UFC. Like any other business it is not if they like the product, or if they find interest in it. Rather, can that product bring in actual proven revenue?