Cristiano Ronaldo has laid down some hotties! PICS


Some examples:

Letizia Filippi

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He's a straight up legendary poon-hound. He rivals Jeter for GOAT status easily imo.

Alice Goodwin

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Irina Shayk

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In, for, uh, research porpoises

*slow clap Phone Post

Sometimes, I'm just really glad I clicked on a thread. Phone Post 3.0

"Thank you all for participating in the CR7 Boys Underwear Competition – it's been a real pleasure to see all of your photos."

—Cristiano Ronaldo (@Cristiano) October 22, 2013 Phone Post

wtf @ Jasmine Lennard



Isabel Figueira

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Diana Chavez

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I hate this man.

Mencken -

wtf @ Jasmine Lennard


Ya mean this bit of anorexic crazy!

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Others in his league would have be Dicaprio, Kelly Slater, Tom Brady, Clooney, Timberlake...

I heard all those guys slay top tier talent. Phone Post 3.0

Didn't he slay Gemma Atkinson? Phone Post 3.0

Damn I'm jealous..

That they all got to sleep with Cristiano.... Phone Post 3.0

I'm a hater. 100% to the max, and all this makes me want to punch him. He needs to have a flaw.

He ha a small dick. That's what I'm going with. My wife LOVES this dude and if she got a chance to hit it I couldn't even be mad. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck him and his diving ways. So good, yet so frustrating to watch

ThinkAlpha - Alice Goodwin

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Wood Phone Post