Criteria for a Chick

I know on the OG we all bang perfect 10’s - nothing but the best. However if you were going to downgrade would a bit of extra weight be a deal breaker if the girl was cute, successful in her profession and a ton of fun to be with? Not talking a slob but an extra 20.

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Obviously she can’t be overweight.
The ten point scale is a funny meme but it’s inherently flawed like the ten point must system. It’s consumerist propaganda keeping you down and stupid. You should be trying to settle down a be a family man, not chase tail.
So the question should be: criteria for future mother of my children, which come down to

  • above average in terms of beauty
  • great personality
  • healthy, especially in the mental department
  • good motherly instincts, loyal and womanly
  • doesn’t have to be “smart”, which is an oxymoron for women anyway. As long as she isn’t below average you’ll be fine. Exception: brainiacs need a girl with a bit more intelligence
  • Some business skills are nth, especially if you don’t make enough dough.

Successful in business is not even in consideration.

If the ass and face are nice, its a possibility.

If she is feminine, it’s a huge plus. Generally in america that means she’s foreign or second generation immigrant.

Have known some girls with a sexy energy whose attractiveness far exceeded how they look in a photo.

Would never bang a fat slob though if that’s the question

To me the caliber of women a man swings illustrates the value of the man. My ego is too big to bang a fatty.

I was going to hangout with one once, and literally I heard the fat trumpet sound in my head when I was going to text her and then just erased her out of contacts


I bang lots of large women.

They are nicer, and I love huge tittays.


It depends on how the weight sits on her body. Nothing kills my boner quicker than rubbing up a chicks body and feeling fat rolls. I’ll be pushing rope in no time.

Just leave her a bone colored, Silian Grail business card with a 3 month pelaton subscription and let her know she has potential. If all goes well, give you a call in 3 months.

Im Not Surprised Nate Diaz GIF by UFC


Hey bro. I’m ugly, poor, and dumb. I’d be a true blue retard if I held out for a 10.

I take what i can get. And i love giant floppy tittays.


You may be one of my favorite posters lol- funny shit


Reality is what it is and I accept it. I make the best of what I got and I like you too phatty!

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  • successful in business
  • Very pretty
  • Thin
  • Busty
  • Super sweet
  • Incredible in bed
  • Wants a lot of sex
  • Very loving
  • Very forgiving

That who I finally got anyway. It just took me decades

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Honestly, I’d rather an extra 20 pounds on a woman than her being 20 pounds too thin


Probably pick one up next model year. Just holing sloots in the meantime.

lol 1 st post nails it

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I don’t know how to explain it, but a prerequisite for getting a woman that’s really a nice person and the genuine “find”… Someone worth holding on to is that you yourself be someone worth holding on to and not just a playa. You have to bring more than some venereal diseases to the relationship.

I can cook. And kill bugs and shit.

Has a vagina
Never been a dude, or wants to be a dude
Nice ass
Under 150lbs (I like petite but I have had some tall farm girls too)

That’s about it to get a foot in the door. If I’m going to date you then I’d have more prerequisites.

Good with kids
Can clean my house and cook me a meal
Doesn’t fart/burp/smell bad all the time
Is good with money (or more importantly isn’t BAD with money).



Imagine living in a world where we actually have to state this explicitly.

Is she breathing?

Would anyone notice if I stop her breathing?