Critical BJJ - Never Lose a Triangle Again

The next technique video from VT-1 Gym in Sydney, Australia is now up. This video shows ways to secure the triangle and avoid being passed. It also goes over some little details to help get the tap. Test it out and for more go to:

I really like the detail about using the forearm to pinch the head into place when locking up the triangle. Am I the only one who is skeptical of the first move, though? Seems like it puts you in unnecessary danger of the escape where he brings his elbow to the floor and pins your knee.

Helpful and appreciated.

LEMon, what do you like to do when your opponent has his trapped arm on the mat, tight to your hip, instead of on your body? Besides going for the omoplata?

i would smash through your triangle like no tomorrow.

sorry buddy. triangles are LOOOOOW percentage on real athletes.

Your videos are top notch. I pick up details I can immediately add to my game from every one I've seen.

@Shemhazai, why don't you actually try the move a few time to see if it really works...

I'll give this a try. Thanks

nice tips! thanks for posting

You can still finish even if they pin the leg guys. It's about what you use to finish. The key if they pin your leg on that angle is to go with it, raise the top leg and finish it sideways. Basically the shin goes into the neck rather than the thigh.

I really like the 2nd to last one.

m.g - @Shemhazai, why don't you actually try the move a few time to see if it really works...

Why don't you tell that to TravenBJJ, who is saying the exact same thing, or Ryan Hall, who strongly advises against ever letting the opponent's elbow travel towards the mat on that side? I'm not saying it's a crap technique, but I'm asking because the video doesn't address this pretty common defense. Yes, the triangle (and the armbar and Americana) can still be finished when the opponent does this, but not having to readjust is obviously better.

I really appreciate your vids and have subscribed to the channel. If I'm ever down your way I will certainly come along to get some beat down :-)

My fave vid so far is the modified loop choke :-) I used it that night about 5 times and I'm still catching people now with it. Great technique. Phone Post

First of all, you almost always have to readjust in some way when you're putting on a triangle. How often do you see someone just slap on a perfect triangle without having to? And Ryan Hall does not strongly advise against letting the elbow towards that side, he just says it isn't necessary to drag the arm across to finish.

I'm not talking about just dragging the arm across, I'm talking about allowing the elbow to get all the way to the floor on the other side, which Ryan specifically advises against several times in his DVD set. Should you opt to drag the arm across, Ryan emphasizes the importance of getting perpendicular and occupying the space where the opponent would otherwise drop the elbow.

That particular escape you're talking about is used when you've done everything wrong to prevent it and the guy has you're posture completely broken and your arm across. If you use that first technique and get a guy broken down to that point the odds of you finishing the triangle are a heck of a lot higher than him escaping with that technique. Or at least it should be.

Yes, having the opponent broken down is better than having him in good posture, but Ryan's point is that having him broken down with his elbow not able to reach the floor is even better. The escape is a last ditch effort, sure, but it can be effective, and I don't see why you as the attacker wouldn't try to avoid having to deal with it in the first place.

Anyway, I didn't intend to criticize the video at all, which was great, I just don't appreciate sarcastic comments to what I feel are valid questions.

Good discussion guys!

The thing is I'm not advocating letting them get the elbow across that far all the time, what I am saying is that firstly it can be finished there and secondly that it is the lesser of two evils (being in posture or being passed if it is on the "finishing" side).

As Shemhazai said you can finish the kimura/Inverted/many other submissions from there.

If anything, and this will be covered in the next series, I want to help people understand that triangle is a guard, not just a submission. The next series will explain this in better detail and hopefully clear things up.

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great vid.

LOL don't know how he ended up in Cleo, but he's girlfriend isn't too happy bout it lol.

Btw, one of my students posts up the vids and makes the titles lol, sorry if they are douchy.


Some pretty good details in there. I do some of that stuff unconsciously, but now I hope to be able to teach it. Thanks for posting.

Good stuff. Thanks for posting!