Critique MY diet please...

28 yr old M, 6'0'', 230 lbs. wanna lose some lbs, not too worried about scale weight but would like to be in the 200 range if i had to put a number on it. I'm a picky eater, so eating healthy is a bit of a challenge. i'll try not to FRAT. here is an example of my day. please give me any advice you think. I do kick fighting 4-5 days a week for an hour. I'm going to start pajama wrestling for an hr before hand starting in Feb i think.

7am: -2 or 3 eggs scrambled, little cheese, olive oil in pan.
-1 serving of old fashioned plain oatmeal,cut up bannana in ther

10am: -handful of almonds blended in with 1 1/2 scoop low carb metabollic drive protein (30 grm protein). or sometimes just some fruit and almonds.

12-1: -salad from grocer (spinach leaves, little cheese, some sunflower seeds, little bacon bits, pea pods and croutons.) i dont like any salad dressing so i use none.
-I bring protein from home, normally two chicken breasts, or ground turkey, bison, steak etc. and add that to my salad

4pm: -i know i should have a snack here, i haven't been because i go home in an hour and cook right away. open to suggestion. Maybe just 2 scoop protein shake? (40 gram protein)

530pm: -Protein and a vegetable. Chicken breasts, turkey, bison, hamburger or steak and usually steamed green beans, or pea pods. Some celery or spinach. (i don't like a ton of veggies)

8pm: -Kick Fighting Class.

Should i be having a post workout recovery drink after class? when i used to lift a lot, i would use Surge Recovery after. I haven't been eating/drinking anything after because its around 930 already when im showered and home. I try to get in bed by 11.

Sorry about FRAT, Any help/suggestions/criticisms would be greatly appreciated.


c'mon homies, no advice on here at all? why dont i have a six pack then?!?!?

thanks, i knew i should've been getting more protein. on the post workout drink, its not quite a protein shake, but has protein in it. and carbs etc. thats ok so late at night?

PuraVida76 - Also...I know it blows, but those scrambled eggs have to be egg whites if you can handle it.

Once you see results you are probably gonna wanna mix in some carbs at some point...that is a long day with not much energy.

where/what carbs should i be getting in? i assumed the oatmeal, fruit and nuts in the morning/early afternoon were enough. sometimes i have a piece of whole wheat toast with dinner before training...

Sounds good, thanks for the help Pura.

I don't agree with either of PV's comments.

Have REAL FOOD as a snack. If you absolutely MUST have a protein shake then make sure it is NOT whey.

EAT after training.

Keep the egg yolks!

Am really busy now, maybe I'll chime in tomorrow more.

yea, i thought i should keep egg yolks...

what are some easy REAL FOOD snacks to have? its hard to get 20-30 grams or protein.. is almonds and some fruit ok for morning snack?

normally at 4 i just have a few more almonds or something cause im eating at 530.

The protein i use is a Whey/Casein blend.

try low-fat cottage cheese for snacks. almost 100% protein. I'd put a snack at 2:30-3:00 if i was you.

Yes have some carbs and protein after your training.

What i like to do in the morning for my scrambled eggs:

-i precut veggies when i cook diner the night before (onions, bell peppers, etc.)
-when i get up, on my way to the toilet, i throw those veggies in a pan at medium heat.
- after my morning pee, i move those veggies around the pan a bit, maybe throw a big handfull of spinach in there.
-when the veggies start to brown a bit, i throw in 1 whole egg and the equivalent of 4 eggyolks (i use the liquid egg white in pints)
-add a bit of tabasco and when the eggs cooked enough, eat.

thanks Sim, i do add spinach to my eggs sometimes. I'll have to try out the egg whites in a pint.

I 2nd for cottage cheese as a snack.

Almonds and fruit together as a midday snack don't go so well as you are going for fats AND sugars at the same time. I'd keep fruits post-workout and as snacks it'd be JUST almonds. Or almonds and raw veggies (e.g. carrots...).

Ugh, i know its great, but i just do not like cottage cheese one bit. I've tried a bunch of different ways and it just tastes gross.(as stated, i'm picky, it's a curse)

looks like i'll stick with almonds and celery sticks as my mid morning snack (also don't like carrots, can start to force them though i guess)

is one protein shake ok for my mid day snack? just to tide me over until dinner? or is it ok for a handful of almonds and celery at 10 am and like 3PM? or is that too many almonds?

sorry for all the newb questions.

here is a way to eat cottage cheese i do sometimes:

about 3/4cup of cottage
1-2 tablespoons of coconut milk
frozen berry

Blend all together, makes you some kind of a yogourt like texture. Really good and tasty

thanks i'll have to try that. Would that be a mid morning snack or whenever?


i appreciate all the suggestions. Looking into making my own trail mix as well. peanuts, almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, maybe some dried up bananas.

any good trail mix recipes people have?