Critique this Technique



I didnt see anything to critique, really. You finished the guy with it, so it definitely worked for the situation. I have a hard time with my knees when I try to force the omoplata from positions similar to the rubber guard, though. Also, I usually try to flatten the guy out before sitting up over his shoulder for the tap.

"Also, I usually try to flatten the guy out before sitting up over his shoulder for the tap."

how would you flatten him?

I love this technique, I finish it a lot with a shin choke when I pull down on the head (gogoplata?) or in this case when they pull away to avoid the shin, finish the omaplata.

Kip, you can usually flatten him by staying flat on your back (while hugging his waist) and escaping your hips away from him until his trapped shoulder hits the mat. It makes it much easier to sit up and limits his ability to turn into you.


Kip- I put my palm on the back of my opponents knee (knee pit) to keep track of where he is going to try and move. (Either roll forward or jump over me) I then cirlce my upper body away from his legs and this should start to straighten my arm that is keeping track of his knee. When you do this, you'll notice your shin starts to put pressure on the opponents shoulder and get it to the ground. I then grab his ankle and kick forward with my leg and pull upwards with his ankle, he should be flat on the ground and ripe for the submission.

I'm used to grabbing the pants with the gi, I'll have to work on flattening them no gi.

I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes Gi training much more than no gi....

It hurts my knees just looking at it

Mine is gi or no gi