cro cop a free agent...whats next?

thats the news from japan....will he fight for pride.he does still want that belt.

I hope he goes to the UFC. New people for him to fight.

He has to kick fedor's ass.

i hope he stays in would be awesome if he stayed with pride and they sent him over to represent pride in the ufc....only in my wet dreams im sure though.

Crocop is a very dangerous man.

Cro Cop in the UFC would help the UFC tremendously. Add another KO artist to the heavyweight division and the UFC might finally get notice in the US. Cro Cop seems like the type of fighter that casual fans would love to see.

cro-cop would own the ufc heavy division...

i could see dana asking randy to gain some weight again, heh...

MAG, do you have any ideas on how they should re-market it?

CroCop said "I also want to be the UFC Heavyweight Champion"

CroCop wants be the first fighter to win a PRIDE HW Belt and a UFC HW Belt.

cro cop with both belts would be crazzy.

MAG, thanks for the reply.

MAG, I meant a fighter like Cro Cop, not his namesake.

Cro Cop is as strong as a retarded zombie hippopotamus.

CroCop would be a VERY marketable fighter for the UFC. He is guaranteed to always have exciting fights.....and he knocks people the fuck out...and he's a Heavyweight. He also gives a good interview. I think the UFC would love to have him.

MAG..there is nothing wrong with the UFC product other then that they should try to market it as more of a martial arts show and less of "hardcore badass" fighting.

The main problem they have is showing their product to people. Most people have the wrong idea of what the UFC is because the only ways to know anything about it are PPV, the internet, and the occasional TV or radio interview. Right now the UFC is not very available for people to easily see.

A TV show would solve that problem and Zuffa is working on that right now.

kingofthecage j/k

SDriver is correct :)