Cro-cop attitude is his culture

I notice alot of people on this forum feel that Mirko has this sort of smug and cocky attitude.Where I live we have alot of people from that area of Europe.There all good hearted and hard working people.They all have that same type of attitude.From my own experiences with Croation people I truly believe its just the way they act.

Think of it like this people in other countries think were rude and arrogant.Do think Americans are rude?Do see my point.Some times the grass looks brown over there.But they think its green,Vice/Versa.

americans arent rude just honest and blunt like europeans and some asian, unlike canadians who are very phony people, their nice to your face but behind your back they talk shit, people always say how americans are rude and canadians are so nice, dont be fooled canadians r just as bad expet they do it behind your back then when they see you they act like your best friends

TOMMYDAPIT.... Ah, I doubt it mate. World opinion might be wrong, but doubtful.

im just stirin the pot

:). Yeah, I was being dicky.

At the risk of being labelled a racist AGAIN, I've got quite a few Croat and Serb friends, and suffice to say, they talk the talk.

No shit sherlock he got ko'ed but thats not what this thread is about.

I'm half croat and everyone says I'm cocky as hell. I'm not cocky, I'm just that good!