Cro Cop beat the crap out of Mino

The above statement is true but incomplete in that it doesn't inform you that in addition to beating the crap out of Mino Cro Cop lost by tap out.

Just as Royce beat the crap out out of Yoshida, but Royce didn't win the fight it was a DRAW!


If CroCop hadn't tapped out his career would've been over, he lost.

Stupid comparison.

Analogy doesn't hold up. Mino subbed Crocop, after he took a beating. Yoshi subbed Royce... wait, actually he took more beating after taking a beating.

i watched that fight with bjj guys. they all were rooting for mirko. everyone was in disbelief when mino won

You make about as much sense as someone wanting to lose weight eating fast food everyday....

Someone was about to get their arm broken.

And it wasn't Minotauro.

'Nuff said.

CroCop would´ve taken a worse beating than Mino if he hadn´t´been such a girl and tapped out. Mino could´ve broken off CroCops arm and clubbed him like a baby seal...

No one is saying Royce won the fight. BUt he did give Yosh a beating.

Another thing - everyone who keeps on complaining that Royce is whinning for special rules when he asks for no time limits - can't you see why now? It is so fights like this (and the one with Sakuraba, which he lost) will come to an absolute decision.

Sak has no aura.