Cro Cop, best light-heavy on Earth

After last night it got me thinking.

Cro Cop basically fights at heavyweight because the money is better, but walks around at like 215 90% of the time (which is lighter than most light-heavys walk around at)

After beating the shit out of the best 205'er on the planet (Wandy) is there anyone at 205 that could last 10 minutes at 205??

Scary to think how dominant Cro Cop would be, if he actually fought at 205......

chuck would give him a better fight, but cro cop would likely still beat him

Cro Cop would push Liddell's shit back, BTW

lol @ liddell having a shot against CroCop

If Mirko is fighting at 221, he's not walking around at 215. However he could cut to 205 if he felt like it.

well, Pride showed that 1/6,000,000,000 graphic which said that the
winner of the Grand Prix is the greatest fighter on the planet. So not only
is he the best light-heavy, he is the best fighter overall on the face of the

maybe if mirko cant take fedors title he'll be happy to take silvas

Nobody can beat Cro Cop at 205. In fact, nobody but Fedor can beat Cro Cop, period. I cant see him losing to Nog again, and he would put Chuck to sleep in about 2 minutes. If he went to the UFC HW division, he'd probably take Sylvia's ability to walk. Other than Fedor, the only people that would have a chance to win, would be an elite kickboxer that now fights mma like Hunt or Lebanner if it stayed standing, but Mirko's ground game is starting to get pretty good.

Crocop is a very dangerous man.

Hunt beat Cro Cop already. There is no perfect fighter so far except Fedor - he has the ground and standup to beat everyone and has pretty much proved it.

No doubt Cro Cop could make 205 if he wanted to... but so could Fedor.

"I don't know if he could cut to 205 w/o greatly affecting his performance, there's not a lot to cut off of him"

It would be more dehydrating than losing real weight.

Rich Franklin gets in the ring 19 pounds heavier than he weighed in the day before, and that's in a lower weight class. That means Crocop weighing in at 205 could get in the ring the next day at 224, or heavier than he weighed in his heavyweight fights the other night.

And Mirko would kill Hunt in a rematch. He would take him down and pound his face in.

Hmm.. I thought he walked around closer to 230.

I could be wrong, but didnt the list Cro Cop at 211lbs. yesterday? I thought thats what it said, but I could be wrong. If he was 211 without cutting at all, he could make 205 in about 2 hours.

not everyone takes cutting as well though...Mirko has no history of doing either, does he?

don't forget, if LHWs made more money than HWs in Pride, that Fedor may actually go on a diet too...

LHWs are clearly too heavy if the best HWs in the world walk-the-line between the two classes. Look at what Couture could do after retiring from the HW class.

move the limit of LHW down IMO, or raise the MW limit and get rid of it...or is that crazy talk?

What was Wand's weight for their fight?

that crazy talk.



crocop weighed in a 220# and wand weighed in at 224# or 225#.

CC weighed in at 220.9, Wand at 225.3 or summach.


15lbs would be nothing for him to sweat off. CroCop is closer to an actual light hw than Chuck, Tito, or Silva.