Cro Cop better be careful!!!!!!!!!

He is on Buentello's hit list!:

Paul 'The Headhunter' Buentello is a tough, charismatic American Kickboxing Academy fighter who is well known for his heavy hands and his killer instinct whether in the ring or the cage. The 'Head Hunter' joined MMAWeekly's SoundOff Radio crew to KO some floating Internet rumors, and in the process gave SoundOff hosts Damon Martin and Jeff Cain the inside scoop on all things Buentello.

The latest rumor floating around MMA chat rooms is that popular street fighter Kimbo Slice and 'The Headhunter' will be throwing down head to head sometime soon. While Paul said that the whole thing started as nothing more than an online joke, the possibility of a match up between him and Kimbo may actually be more likely than one would anticipate.

Paul said about his management and Kimbo's, "They're in negotiations." Paul continued, "I would say it's probably about 60/40 right now. 60 percent chance of us getting into a fight and broadcasting it somehow or another."

While a match up between a street fighter in Kimbo and a legitimate, professional heavyweight MMA fighter in Buentello is an interesting one, be sure that Paul still has aspirations to fight top competition in each "real" fight that he participates in.

Paul said, "My contract with Strikeforce is that they're supposed to give me the toughest fights that they can give me – whoever they can get – but, these last couple times Pride wasn't releasing their guys to fight on James Thompson and on Alistair Overeem and then Pedro Rizzo was going to take the fight, but couldn't get his Visa in time...I mean it's just pretty crazy. It just shows that the UFC and other organizations have all the major heavyweights signed up."

Buentello also talked about his current contract with Strikeforce and communicated his aspirations to be a UFC fighter once again.

"I'm content right now, but as soon as this contract is over with it would be nice to go back to where I started," Buentello said.

Paul even went so far as to call out Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic – the UFC's newest heavyweight addition.

Paul said, "God Almighty...wouldn't it be nice to fight 'Cro Cop?' Man, I would love to fight him... I know my boy Eddie Sanchez is going to do what he can do, I offered to go down and help him train – he hasn't called me back – but, that's a fight for me."

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves daydreaming over the notion of Paul fighting 'Cro Cop' in what would no doubt be a standup free-for-all, let's talk about a card that Paul has confirmed he is fighting on...the April Shamrock vs. Baroni Strikeforce card. Paul said, "I'm guaranteed on that show already."

The 'Headhunter' is without a doubt a heavyweight who deserves to be in a top-tier organization no matter which one it may be, and hopefully we will see Paul competing against the upper crust heavyweights in the world again sometime very soon. His determination to make the fight as exciting as possible – no matter which side of the coin he ends up on when it's all said and done – is a trait that many MMA fans cling to in today's breed of fighters.

Given the right match ups, Paul could easily fit back into the UFC's heavyweight division and cause quite a stir. If so, Paul will get his wish and fans will get theirs when a dangerous and exciting Buentello makes it back into the rank of UFC heavyweight fighters...a rank in which he truly belongs.

"I know my boy Eddie Sanchez is going to do what he can do"

What he is really saying:

"I know my boy Edie Sanchez is going to get knocked the fuck out"


I'd just like to see Paul get back in the mix in the UFC as soon as possible. There are a lot of great fights for him there.

I don't think that Sanchez will win but I predict that he will perform well.

He is big, fast and agile for a Heavyweight and he obviously has knockout power.

He is no can by any measue.

I would really like to see Buentello back in there.

The only thing Mirko has to worry about with that Fat-Ass Buenatello is maybe if he slips on a Banana peel on the way into the cage...

What don't you people understand. Cro Cop is a WORLD class striker with significant K1 experience. He has a proven ground game as demonstrated in pride. Why is it so hard to accept that pride has a much higher talent level then the UFC. Just look what A Silva has done. Liben was a joke and the teacher was almost killed.

hitme pride nuthugger. Why must you be so ignorant and one sided. It is spelled Leben...Franklin underestimated Silva's talent...he will be back stronger. Cro Cop is a bad ass and will probably walk through the heavyweight division as it is now...but you have to realize he is no longer in Pride, he is in the UFC now and many more from Pride and other oganizations will be flocking to the UFC soon. They are both great companies with their own great talent.

Stellar53, a mis-spelling of Liben's name offends you??

I do however agree with you Cro Cop will lose at some point but not to a UFC fighter. You mention ignorance. It is ignorant to consider that the UFc has the best talent just because UFC is an american product. It's a big world out there!

hitme....where did i say Cro Cop would lose? If he does lose in the UFC, he will obviously lose to a UFC fighter. Once they are contracted to the UFC they are no longer pride fighters, they are UFC fighters. Where did I say the UFC has THE BEST TALENT? I said they both (Pride and UFC) have great talent.

Buentello vs Kimbo = Buentello vs Aldana

He won't have to take those shots because Kimbo will be on his back.