cro cop-fedor

i think this fight finally has to happen. and im guessing it will within the next couple of events. how do you see it playing out, although randleman struggled getting the takedown, i see fedor getting it pretty easily and pounding cro cop to a pulp.. but id like to see cro cop get the KO. what do ya'll think?

This fight will be sick. I would not put any cash on it that's for sure, but if forced to pick I'd go with Fedor.

qazzaq, no disrespect towards you personally, but towards the idea that Cro cop should fight FEDOR next.

Why does everyone keep sweeping the BARNETT fight under the rug??? Cro cop would get served by Josh. To think Mirko beat him, is ridiculous. IMO, he needs to prove he can handle Barnett first. I personally think that this would do Cro cop some good, as he is in for a rude awakening if he thinks he is ready for FEDOR.(as all of you are).


Cro Cop will be on his back and lose. That is how I see it going.

I'd pick Cro Cop in a fight with Fedor. The fact that he stopped all of Randlemans takedowns was very impressive, even when he was up against the ropes he stayed on his feet. Fedors stand-up looked pretty bad in his fight, his hands were WAY down low and he kept hopping in for jabs and right hands. Nog looked like he really wanted to counter with a right hand but he was just too passive. If Fedor tries more those punches with Cro cop he will get hurt!!

I was saying it last night during the Fedor fight. If Fedor leaves his hands down like that against Cro, he will be looking up at the lights like his brother. Cro-cop is getting better every time I see him out there. His takedown defense has gone from good to awesome. Im a huge fan of Fedor and would hate to see him lose. So I hope Fedor is maybe just getting Cro's hopes up by doing what did against Nog.

fedor will terminate cro cop! fedor is not from this

I'm surprised people are saying "if fedor leaves his hands down against cro" and this stuff just because his hands were down against mino.

Mino ain't no CroCop.

Fedor's neural-net processor calculated the exact probability of Mino throwing any KO shots and determined that the hands can be low.

Against CroCop, his processor (a learning computer) would write a new program for the likes of the Croatian and adjust accordingly.

I think Fedor left his hands down when he was fighting to prove that Nog's punches didn't phase him. I think Fedor likes to psyche his opponent out. His strategy would change if he fought Cro Cop.

I am a huge Cro Cop fan, but I think Fedor would do him in. Cro Cop is getting better at the ground game, but he is not ready for Fedor yet.

CroCop vs. Fedor is the dream fight that I've been wanting to see for a while now. This fight is going to fucking rule. I can't wait for it to happen!

Cro would actually make Fedor stay back a little. Nog couldn't KO me.

"Mirko is just a bad match up for Fedor"

No it is the other way around. Fedor is a bad match for Cro Cop . Cro Cop has one thing going for him but it won`t land against Fedor before he is on his back.

Lets get this one over with just like the Nogueira fights. Then I won`t have to listen to all the nutthuggers saying how great he is and how he is going to beat Fedor any longer than I have to.

I always thought Fedor would blow right threw Cro Cop but I am beginning to suspect that Cro Cop just may be the guy Fedor can't handle. I mean no matter how good you are, there is always going to be someone who has the style to make you look human. I also would not bet this fight, and I love to bet fights.

How many people have seen this fight, his hands weren't low cause he was trying to clown Noguiera. Fedor did win most of the stand-up but not with good technique. He was hopping in with looping left jabs and rights. I mean really hopping! Noguira was being WAY too passive looking for a big right hand counter but while he was waiting he was getting tagged.

When has anyone ever seen Fedors hands up high with a good guard?

If he stands too long with Cro cop he WILL get KO'd but if Cro cop spends too long on the ground he WILL get TKO'd / submitted. Which is what makes this match up so exciting. I just hope it doesn't end quick and we see a little back and forth action!

armbar, I think cro cop deserves a shot more than anyone else at heavyweight right now, other than maybe kharitonov, which id also love to see..

Now your talking. Kharintonov VS. FEDOR or CRO COP would fuckING.....knock the Earth off its axis.

Being that barnett is injured, your right.

You're also right about Sergei. Where the fuck is this guy?

I think Fedor will get him down and is too good on the ground for Mirko right now.

Fedor, no problem

Fedor would have to take it down quick and keep it there. Then he would G&P into a submission opportunity. He'd win.

If Fedor kept it standing like against Nog early on, Cro Cop's high kick comes into play. Then it's Cro's title.