Cro Cop fighting Mizuno instead


"Although I announced Yoshihiro Nakao as my first opponent in DREAM, this fight is not going to happen. I'm not familliar with reasons and I won't be asking for any. The most important thing is that I'm going to fight on Saturday and my opponent will be Tatsuya Mizuno. I have very little information about my next opponent so I'll just go out there and fight.

I really don't know what was happening and why everyone was quitting. Hopefully they are done with it.
However, I also heard an unbelieveable amount of rumours over last 2 weeks, with most of them origin from I publicly declare that this website has no official source from Cro Cop and information on it are not reliable - only and my official homepage are reliable sources.

Here I will share my impressions with you as soon as i get back from Japan. I'm so excited about DREAM's inaugural show and I can't wait to take off on Wednesday."

Well, atleast he's fighting. Taking a tune up isn't a bad thing and something he really needs.

Why make the same thread again?

ohhhhhh, him.

geeze.....quality opponent.

I hope Mizuno knocks him to kingdom come

Dream is the best, I love Pride, Dana your in trouble blah blah blah.

Why don't you look at the rest of the Dream card? This fight wasn't suppose to be something epic. It's to get Cro Cop a win much like Pe De Pano was when he fought Mir although, that turned out wrong.

Its funny because no one really bitched too loudly when AA fought Pe De Pano.

any way to watch this fight? I'm told its not on HDNET?

"so the Yakuza rumours where real???? "

Haha I guess so.

Nakao didn`t want to end up feeding the fishes .

Welcome back Pride.