Cro Cop hires Judoka/Wrestler


"Judo black belt and three-time wrestling Brazilian champion Rodrigo Artilheiro is the newest member of Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic's team. The Brazilian was hired to help in the wrestling training of the Croatian and joins Fabricio Werdum in the mission to develop the techniques of the heavyweight."

Several questions here. who is this guy? Why hire him? Why now? Is there a unique judo/wrestling element that Cro Cop is interested maybe? Is Rodrigo Artilheiro connected to Fabricio Werdum in anyway? Also, if you need a wrestling coach why not hire any number of former world-class American wrestlers...

Just curious because whatever Cro Cop realized he needed to change when he got rid of Mike Bencic (his jiu jitsu coach) it was the right thing, and this new addition seems to be a possible next step in that plan.

That certainly works as an ambient generalization for anything Cro Cop does before figting Fedor. I imagin he is going to sleep also, but that doesnt answer what I asked in any meaningful detail.

"if you need a wrestling coach why not hire any number of former world-class American wrestlers..."

LOL yeah why not american?!?!?

USA USA USA just funny

he could have hired a russian instead, that would have been much cheaper than an american, its not like eastern europe don't have good wrestlers

Added to that the Russians judokas have a very different style to the brazilians

Brazillians are not known for their wrestling.

I don't think you can evaluate the shrewdness of the hire without knowing more about the particvular person. Maybe his persoanal style is particularly well-suited to MMA. Maybe he has a speciality that is relevant for the Fedor fight.

There's more than one way to be a BB, more than one way to be a wrestler.

"who is this guy? -Rodrigo Artilheiro"

Thats implied in the quote that I posted what his name is. Who is Rodrigo Artilheiro, well there are more than 6 billion people on the planet and that name doesnt ring a bell. How about some specifics to help establish who he is via his background, other accomplishments, affiliations ect

"Why hire him? -To train him in wrestling"

No, why hire Rodrigo Artilheiro to train him in wrestling and not anyone else? Im starting to have concerns about your reading skills that makes me wonder if going on has any utility at all.

"Why now? -Should he wait until later?"

Should he have done it at all? Should have have gotten someone of this level (or higher to work with him before?). Sure why not later? Certainly just another topic you would be unable to provide any meaningful information on.

"Is there a unique judo/wrestling element that Cro Cop is interested maybe? -Wrestling is the base of fighting"

Notice again thats not even an answer to the question "wrestling is the base of fighting" thats not a specific element of judo or wrestling. Actually for MMA it would be jiu jitsu the base of fighting that is, but since you're wrong about everything else here whats the point in even going on.

"Did you really need to ask those questions?"

Does anyone need to do anything? No, but it fits with the purpose of the forum to try and get information about relevent news to mma. And since you're unwilling and unable to do so, why even bother with your egregiously inept attempt to troll my thread?

Every country has their own unique style of judo.


Artillero is a fucking bad ass


JJ is a few thousand years younger than competition fighting (MMA/ValeTudo/Hand2hand competition combat/NH....whatever you want to call it)


Ok, im not supporting either of you two guys's argument but this statment is just kinda retarded

First off, the 'Base of fighting' is whatever youve excelled in... for crocop...its kickboxing.... for Fedor it Judo/Sambo...whatever the hell he uses

Fighting for your life...(which IS NOT MAA/Vale Tudo, etc) HAS been around since the dawn of man, BUT there was no evolution of ideas...meaning whatever a person learned in his life died with him forcing the next generation to learn what he did all over again or die trying.

it wasnt until people came up with the idea of passing information in a structured way to improve an armys ability in war did things start to take off..... Ju Jutsu is one of these original methods...

And yes, BJJ is the base of alot of fighters wether you recognize it outright or not.... but so is kickboxing... and wrestling... in a 100 years who knows, maybe ya wont be aboe to tell them all apart

Also the idea on Competition fighting is unrelated to combat survival. No sport/competitive combat training will give you 5 extra seconds on the ancient any point in history. they have always been completly sepeate and 2 different things

After the Movie Gladiator came out, there was a docmentary about Roman soldiers who for one reason or another were sent to be gladiators...yes there were a couple....

The documentury focused on a centurion who was sent in and owned everyone... this is documented... it talked about his writings after that said any roman footsoldier off the line would kill the toughest gladiators because the gladiator training was inferior by a longshot compared to the legions training and experience...

Something to think about when you make the mistake of believing sportfighting is the end all be all of hand to hand combat

yes, 1 guy wrote about how his group of soldiers had better training than a group of slaves forced to fight for entertainment, 2000 years ago. we should abandon everything else we have learned since

he might have been better off hiring a russian judo/sambo guy (most do both).

russian judo is more wrestling influenced, and is known as "power judo". this style is actually faily widespread now (most euro judo is also "power judo" now). a wrestler/judoka from brazil may have a very similar style.

brazilian judo has probably the most sophisticated groundwork in judo, probably because mehdi, the top judo guy in brazil has trained with jiu jitsu guys and at jiu jitsu schools since he first arived in brazil. allegedly, when he first arrived, because of the language barrier, he trained at a jiu jitsu school for years without even realizing he wasn't at a judo school :) he continued to call it a judo school for decades after :)

"their throws suck, but these brazilian judo guys have some sweet groundwork"

If he has Fabricio he is in great shape...Fabricio does both Judo and BJJ (and he is good at both).