Evening forum brethren,

Yes, chaps, the question that has been burning in your collective minds has been answered...the Baron has presently returned to this vile cesspool on a temporary basis, to share some of my intricate insights and pose some confronting questions that will challenge the very way that you catechize old boys.

Now...the topic that I have been pondering has me absolutely flabbergasted I say chaps. It's a rather amusing little nut, that may require some deep raticionation. I wonder if one of my forum brethren, a grappling fanatic perhaps...may be able to shed some light on this matter.

How would Cro-cop do in ADCC with the current BJJ instruction he is receiving..and his phenomenal sprawl, wit, enthusiasm and singular athletic ability?

By the same token, how would Vanderlei Silva do in K1?

Thoughts are much appreciated,

The Baron Von Beatdown from Beeftown.

Cro-Cop would even get owned in the defunct Arab division of ADCC.

Silva would a whoooole lot better in K-1 than CC in AD.

Well old bean. I'd have to agree with the general consensus that CC wouldn't do to well in Abu Dhabi. I think he is learning more defense of grappling than offense, and would be able to fend off a few attacks, but with nothing else to use, he would go down quickly.

As for Sylva, I think he'd do much better in K1, considering the number of KO's he has, but he might lose a few more than he has in Pride, obviously.

Now I am off for a cuppa, ol' chum.

Royler would beat CroCop in Abu Dahbi rules.

Royler would easily beat CroCop in gi competition.

Cro Cop is improving everyday with Werdum. But it'll take at least a couple years of training to really compete with the best grapplers in the world at his weight. I have a feeling that Cro Cop would agree with me.

"Royler would beat CroCop in Abu Dahbi rules.

Royler would easily beat CroCop in gi competition."

LOL @ this.

It took Mino, what, about 45 seconds to submit him when punching was allowed. Given Cro Cop has improved, but no striking is allowed, he'd maybe last a minute with the ADCC heavyweights.


Harlan - I doubt you saw the fight with a comment like that.

Royler wouldn't get him down.

Royler would just pull guard, if Royler can beat a 270lb black belt in the absolute division of the mundials, i'm sure he could beat Cro Cop in a sub match

Crocop's takedown defense works about 50x better when people are worried about getting knocked out. He wouldn't beat anybody in Abu Dhabi. Royler could go for all sorts of things not worrying about getting stomped or soccer kicked.