Cro Cop vs Fedor

It is going to happen folks...

in the UFC !


Don't hold your breathe.

bet 20 bucks it happens by 08?

Bet 20 bucks that Cro Cop announces on Monday that he has signed a fat contract with PRIDE???



They already have Eddie Sanchez offered up as a sacrifice @ UFC 67.

Of course that is all subject to change. (just breeze right over the fine print folks, nothing important there. Typical legal mumbo-jumbo....)

Crocop is 32 or 33.

alright CRE

and Cro Cop is not with Pride..

I'm sure you read mmaweekly

Your on Cretard...On one condition...The money goes to the Ryan Bennett memorial fund...

And yes shoudawhouda...I read MMA Weekly...I read em all.