Cro Cop vs. Hong Man Choi on

Pride NYE Shockwave. MMA Rules. Choi jumps ship from K-1, and is signed by Pride. This will be made Official within the next few days. :)

holy shit

Could be a tough matchup for Mirko. Choi has beaten Schilt and did very well against LeBanner. Mirko will have a hard time on his feet, although he still stands a good chance of winning there. I hope he's still not morally opposed to takedowns like against Hunt.


I would actually like to see Choi fight a scrub in mma rules first to judge his skill. K-1 really dropped the ball never putting him in an mma match when he is a champion korean ssirum wrestler.

He will hold his own against Mirko with his experience against other top K-1 strikers. Plus no way Mirko can get his cemetary kick up 7.5 feet!


will mirko take him down?

^Yep...With a left kick to the dome!...


hate to disappoint u guys but im living in Korea, and I have an inside source that stated Chois contract with K1 lasts untill 31st of this year. So this fight wouldnt happen for NYE IF it was even signed! his K-1 contract lasts till the 31st...Maybe at 12:00AM...And then Choi fights at 10PM for out...:)

pride is on NYE, hence Dec 31st.

Right...NYE = Dec 31st...SO if Choi's contract expires in the AM on the 31st...he would be free to fight for whoever he wants in the PM of the 31st...

I don't want this fight at all...and consider it a troll possibly, or a rumor...But it would be possible contractually.

actually, ive always thought choi would be better suited for MMA (cuz of ssireum background) but NOW he has kickboxing to add to his repetoire. COuld be very interesting!

When a contract expires it's usually at 12 AM that means if the comtract expires on the 31st, after the first minute, the contract is over, the other 23hours, 59minutes of that day are not bound. Hence Choi could fight for anyone else after the first minute of 12/31/06.

It's the matchup we've all been waiting for.....

You'd have to be an absolute idiot not to be intrigued by this fight. Choi was surprisingly succesful in K-1 and is very strong. If he can stand and trade with Schilt and Lebanner he should do decently standing with Crocop. He wont be easily taken down either.

Isn't Choi supposed to be a great wrestler in some Korean style of wrestling?

Tough fight for anyone.

Good preview of how CC would react to Sylvia's size.

bad style match up for cro cop

See the fight against Magomedov for my prediction.

Choi's fucking huge. He won't be easy to take down, that is until he slips or Crocop fucks up one of the mutant's legs.

Then is lights out for Herman Munster!