from the looks of it he got pounded with the bottom of the fist, the wrist and the forearm.

I'm the kind of guy that loves to see Cro Cop lose, probably my least favorite fighter in terms of personality. However Randleman used up his punchers chance and would most likely lose the rematch or the next 9 rematches if they do occur.

There is no such thing as a lucky punch. Saying "anything can happen when strikes are thrown" is just as ignorant as saying anything can happen when the fight hits the ground, and it is generally said by people who haven't boxed long enough to realize how much skill is involved.

Cro Crop made a huge mistake by having his hands down and chin up. He got tagged with a nice long left hook by Randleman and Cro Crop was basically out from that point on, it didn't take much more for Randleman to finish Mirko after he followed him down.

I have been saying for a long time that Cro Crop's boxing offense and defense were very suspect (despite people attacking me for saying it) and Randleman proved it. Like most kickboxers, Cro Crop's boxing is not nearly up to the same skill level of his kicking.

Punch was not lucky. He set it up beautifully by making Mirko think about the shot so that he forgot about the strikes. Finally listened to Coleman and one in a huge surprise.

My take is like this. Mirko thought Kevin was gonna shoot so he was preparing for the sprawl. Well Kev feinted as if he was gonna then unleashed a looping left hook that caught Mirko square. Mirko's knees buckled and Kevin jumped on top of him. Mirko tried to hold Kevin close, but he just crossfaced him and then started dropping hammerfists. He landed a couple and then one very clean and Mirko's hands went limp. Kevin then lands two more with Mirko not defending (hands limp by his sides) and the ref stopped the fight.

OK, now, it's funny that he KO's the heavy favorite, or one of them anyway, and all the talk is about "Fedor will kick his ass." GImme a break guys. Anything can happen on any given day. I would take Randleman over Fedor right now. Hell, look at what happened to Ninja. And all the talk all week was how this event was gonna suck. All the mismatches. bla bla bla!
and to the Mirko nut huggers.

MIRKO GOT KTFO !!!!!!!!!!!


I just saw Ninja vs. KR for the first time and I can't believe how different it was then how people here made it seem. He owned Ninja standing, bottom line. He is a fast, powerful puncher who has extremely inconsistent confidence. Mirko has followed in his K-1 pattern of getting too comfortable, too cocky, and believing his own hype, then getting his ass kicked when he shouldn't. He's had his hands down to lure people into throwing punches, but he should have watched some more tapes on KR, especially considering his questionable chin. (The only time i can think of him taking even a half-assedly square shot to the chin was against McDonald, cause he usually covers up so much when he gets close in K-1, and it put him on queer street) KR might just have his number, but Mirko did not do his homework. Let's hope KR can keep this momentum and not lose the next fight that he's supposed to win...I dont' get the guy. Lose against Sak, go the distance with 170 lb. guys, but knock Crocop out and absolutely destroy Ninja.

he had his hands down cause he was scared Kev would shoot and get the takedown.

he still got KTFO though,


looks like a work to me. I mean look at the replay DarthChoke put up in this thread. Mirko doesn't even try to defend the hammerfists Kev is throwing.

LMAO, Oh, I guess it's because he's KTFO!


Awesome fight!

There are a few fighters in the tourney feeling relieved now. Hopefully Kev can keep up the intensity but when he runs into Fedor or Nog or Herring it will be over.

Hey just to give credit where credit is due...I copied that GIF from a poster on sherdog forum...for what its worth

"Cro-cop is going to destroy whoever he fights next."

didn't yall say this after his loss to Mino? sure, put him in there with a tomato can and he'll look good. but against, fedor, Mino, Sylvia, or any other top HW, Mirko will get KTFO!!!!! AGAIN!


The first hammerfist on the ground puts him out. He goes limp then.

no he will be back and kill, as long as he evolves.

it is funny how people can say that a fighter has a "questionable chin". KR caught him square on the chin and capitalized on a mistake that was made by an opponent. IF KR caught any lesser of a man on the chin they would still be sleeping.

Well apparently Olympic Silver Medalist submits MMA newb Leko is a work, while washed up wrestler knocks out MMA's best striker is legit to the guys on this forum.