Cro-Cop vs The Natural ???????????

Lets play fantasy fighting.These two guys will probaly never meet up. Randy has gotta get Vitor.Cro-cop got the Grand Prix and than the title after that.By the time thats all over with Randy will probaly retire before he gets too old.I see him retiring with Pride and dignity unlike others(Shammy).

I love both of these guys, Randy is #1 for me and Cro #2. I just feel like Randy would find a way...he always does...

I'd much rather see Randy vs. Vanderlai. I agree with the retirement bit.

CSC.I have to agree.

The "Naturl" all the way. As he would/probably is
considered the "Underdawg" in this match up. Randy always wins when he is the underdog. Randy wouldn't
stand long enough for Cro-Cop to try his kicks. Everytime Cro-Cop would attempt a kick, Randy would
change levels and take him down at will. Just as he
does with everybody else............then the Ground N' Pound would begin & win.

Randy would win.

Randy definitely.


Because of their groundgames....

Never bet against Randy Couture.


Cro-cop would lose because Randy would find a way.

Like Randy found a way with Vitor two months ago?

I see Crocop breaking Couture's old and delicate orbital bone, cutting his eyelid in the process and retiring Randy for good.

Randy took Barnett and Ricco down. Fresh and early, he's hell on wheels and he's the striker-killer.

I think he'd take Cro Cop down and beat him.

Randy takes a shot, and slips past a shot to clinch better than anybody in the game.

you gotta love randys heart, but the cop is to big, strong and fast right now for randy. randy should just fight at 205 were he feels comfortable.

Cro Cop can't fight backing up. Randy will back that guy up quick, the guy is fearless. Once he gets on the ground, it's over within a few minutes too.

I see this fight being similar to Couture/Rizzo I. Only Crocop would be allowed to kick/knee a downed opponent in Pride rules, whereas Rizzo couldn't.

Randy would take crocop down at will and hold him there while pounding his skull in. Crocop is a awesome striker but he will not be able to keep it standing long enough to use it. I think this would be an easy fight for Randy. I don't think crocop has near the takedown defense that rizzo has.

cro cop is not very easy to take down, in fact he is one of the hardest fighters to take down. nog could not take him down and if cro cop would not of slipped to end up on the ground he would of won that fight easy, he was in total control of nog. randy would get owned, this is not chuck or rizzo were talking about just watch there highlight clips, cro cop comes after you.

and not to mention he is the best striker in mma right now, without a question of a doubt. it won't be randy coming after him either, it will be the other way around.

" Cro Cop would cripple Randy's old ass and end his career in less than a round, but thats just my opinion."

Thanks for your input, Phil.

Cro Cop can't fight backing up? Did you see what he did to Sapp?

I don't count anything Cro Cop did against Sapp as testimony toward him vs. other fighters, because Sapp isn't a real fighter. He's just a huge guy with a marketing gimmick.