Cro Cop was way overrated...

Cro Cop sucks. Who cares if he KO'd Vovchanchyn and Herring making quick work of them. Herring sucks afterall he lost to Nogueira and Fedor befoer losing to Cro Cop. Who cares if Cro Cop dominated the #2 fighter in the world for 10 minutes before getting submitted. The guy got Ko'd by Randleman who is great now, but sucked after losing to Sakuraba. And before losing to Sak lost to Rampage of all people. Oh, but he was great when he outstruck Ninja. Oh, but Ninja's striking sucks, did you see the way the Russian dude manhandled him. Anyways Cro Cop has beat nothing but washed up fighters like Herring and Vov and tomato cans like Ron Waterman.

Peter P

um, not sure if I agree, but...



i think he is trying to say


but that's just my take

LOL great post.

gartner is correct.

oh by the way did I mention how much Tito sucks. I mean he lost to Chuck and Randy. I mean Chuck previosly lost two of his last 3 fights one of them being against that fucking Rampage of all people. I don't care if tito beat Vanderlei. It's easy to hold Vanderlei down for five rounds. I don't care if he stopped Kondo in the first round Kondo is too small. And who cares if he dominated Vladdy. Vladdy was too big. I mean Vladdy had to cut about as much weight as Tito for that fight and that just isn't fair. I don't care if Vladdy went on to be a top 10 HW after that fight he only got there for that lucky win over Rizzo. And Travis Wiuff what a joke. That guys a big slow moron. Sheesh

Anyways don't try to tell me Tito is a top 10 LHW. I have Ryoto Machida ranked ahead of him.

Peter P

Anything can happen in fighting.

IMO his biggest win was Fujita and Herring. Igor was obviously not going to win at crocop's own game, so I don't see it as that big of a win.

Since both Fujita and Herring are top 10, I don't think he was overrated, just overhyped. Seriously, Mirko can still beat anybody in the HW division besides Fedor. Randleman got kinda lucky. He had the puncher's chance. But it was Mirko's fault for being hesitant.

Mirko should come back but he's a little too hard on himself. Few fighters can recover from such a devastating loss like this.

This is Mirko's Vanderlei/Sakuraba 1.

great posts peter. JUST BECAUSE A FIGHTER LOOSES DOESNT MEAN HE IS A CAN OR OVERRATED. Anything can happen in mma.

I knew Cro Cop couldn't handle a world class wrestler.

Peter P

Randleman is not world-class yet.

Adam from Conn, Slavic Machine

"Since both Fujita and Herring are top 10"

What what what???

Dont forget the influence of the man on the grassy knoll who is cousin to the last guy that fought in XCDEW.

um, i think he is saying that no matter what yall say


This is the reason why many MMA fans are absolute idiots. You would have probably said Michael Jordan wouldn't make much of his life after he was cut as a sophmore from the varsity squad. You probably think Sak is washed up just because he looses to heavier fighters or that there was no way Mark Coleman could have won the Heavy Weight Grand Prix in 2000.

Dude that comment you made was idiotic. Cro Cop does not SUCK.. He is a professinal fighter that has 2 losses and 2 draws...
But that is just your comment and this is mine...

Why are MMA fans the most fickle in the world.. You people jump on and off someone's nuts quicker than any other fanbase out there..

You probably thought Chuck lidell was washed up before the Tito fight and that there was no way Randy Could beat Chuck or Tito at 205...

You SUCK...


LMFAO @ goku and drmmr..

*slips in the puddle of sarcasm*

Laughs at the people that didn't get Peter's post... :)


I don't think he is way over-rated, but there is no doubt that he need to improve in certain areas. The thing about Cro Cop is he is always dangerous and his fights can end at any moment. Like Kevin said someone is getting Knock the Fuck Out!!! I have never seen Cro Cop in a boring fight and he does have some quality wins.

Everyone's overrated according to this place.

Detecting sarcasm requires more intelligence and reading comprehension than the vast majority of the UG possesses.

Cro Cop is very much a man.