Cro Cop's Bushido opponent is

Reportedly a Japanese fighter.

Sumo fighter Tamakiriki, who will be making his Bushido / MMa debut, will also reportedly fight against a Japanese opponent.

I smell the likes of Imamuru and Yamamoto.

I don't like that smell.


Beware, pointless ranting ahead:

The Japanese will never give up on getting Sumos to be successful in MMA. They will keep sending them until one finally wins, meaning that they will keep sending them forever. I like Sumo, and I think it's funny to watch fatties get beat up and jiggle and flop all over the place, but even I can see that this is getting stupid.

I know it's their national sport and all, but in America our retired baseball teams don't go embarrass themselves trying to play football or basketball. The last sumo they put in there couldn't even beat Giant "K-1 Wants To Hire Me And Paint Me Green So They Can Have Sapp Vs. Shrek" Silva, so do they actually think that their next sumo will do anything except get his head punted out of the building against MIRKO FUCKING CRO COP?

I know that all of this is obvious and none of it matters, but the stupidity overwhelmed me foe a moment. At least it should make for a funny KO highlight if this fight happens.

No word on if his opponent is a former Sumo. Just that he is Japanese.

The Sumon fighter that is already signed, Tamakiriki, is also fighting a Japanese fighter.

This info is directly from SAEKI PRIDE Bushido Vice producer. He said in an interview for MMA news show "nama de gong gong!"

YES,YES, YES!!! Finally they are giving Cro Cop a quality opponent! Barn burner, BARN BURNER!!!!!

crocop vs. kondo! please!

Who would have guessed?

They should have him fight Igor again, if Vovchanchyn is recovered from his injury.

what about Crocop v. Yokoi

damn this is horrible

Stop bagging the #1 MMA organisation guys. Not very classy.

lol, I doubt they are sending in sumos until they win by putting them up against CroCop...

CroCop just got knocked out brutally, almost all of the top heavies are still in the tournament, and you want him to go up against a top guy already? I thought everyone said that Saku was rushed back from his KOs too fast?

(btw, I would have liked CroCop vs. Coleman, but hey)

I agree pulsar, they need to take a hint from the UFC and start bringing in the top guys like Wes Sims if they ever want to be taken seriously.

LOL. True that. If only talent was the primary factor in getting a shot on the big shows.

LOL. Definitely no finishing ability is a requirement, no, a must.


definitely interested to see Crocops comeback fight..should be vs a striker imo

Sorry, I misread the original post, it didn't even say that the sumo guy was going against Cro Cop. And now everyone else is saying Cro Cop is fighting the sumo, lol.

I hope some of you guys are joking

Pride has allowed plenty of guys way worse then Sims fight

"Pride has allowed plenty of guys way worse then Sims fight"

True, but they don't usually continue asking them back for show after show. How many times did Gilles Arsenne return to Pride?