Cro Cop's fight shown in Croatia?

I'm wondering if they will censor Mirko's failure to the Croatian people.

I heard from a member at Sherdog that they cancelled the showing at the last minute.

If it was cancelled, why?


lol at Goku

This is from a Croatian on the Sherdog forums:


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HTV (Croatian TV) terminated their contract with Mirko and are thinking about fileing a lawsuit against him and his manager, since they signed a contract on TV rights for his match but his manager stoped it from showing.
If you ask me, terminating contract with HTV is the best thing for Mirko and MMA in Croatia, cause now he can go on some other TV station who will treat him better.
Lot of people called him a prick for stoping his match to show on TV, but I think he made that decision even before the fight. He signed a deal with HTV and they promissed to him that they'll air his match live, but couple of days later they changed their mind. Apparently Mirko was very upset when he heard that and he said that he'll make some announcement after the match. Perhaps that was it.