Croc Hunter on now

Right now there is a really good show on Steve Irwin on Animal Planet. They just finished showing his tribute to the American soldiers who served in WWII. I had never seen it, and the more I see of that guy the more I like him. His passion for what he did was amazing. If everyone could find that passion for whatever they did, the world would be a much better place. JKB

I work in the insurance industry.

I'm not sure if I can find that kind of passion for what I do but I'll sure try.

how could you not admire and like the guy?  there have been a few that will touch people they never get to meet - he was definitely one in a million.  you see a few pollyannas and people that are so positive that you want to kick them in the butt - but his enthusiasm was so genuine that you couldn't help but like him.  damn shame, my thoughts are with his young family in their loss.  lm

They just showed his daughter talking about him. I got all misty eyed. JKB

^Who stole the jam out of your donut?

Steve Irwins life should be celebrated and he should be talked about.

Move to OG, IMO

jam? Donut? ehhh?

it sucks that he's gone and he definately had a passion for his work, i was
very sad when i heard this the first time and he will be sorely missed!!
RIP crocodile hunter!!

Cro Cop hunter is also on live in Japan.