CroCop Bandwagon all aboard

"Tickets Please"

"first stop Fedor"

On board, would love to see it

if cro wasn't left-handed nobody would know or care who he is. his punching power is not amazing, and neither is his chin, and for that matter, neither is his ground game. beating up overachieving middleweights doesn't make you the world's best light-heavy (especially when you're a heavyweight).


FINALLY a CroCop bandwagon.

i think you people fail to appreciate just how much more important accuracy is than power. wand lost his fight with cro after he walked into a very clean but not very hard straight left, just like anderson started chris leben on the road to ko'sville with a jab.

and i'll shut up the exact moment i stop seeing all these ridiculous pride circle-jerks and the endless mealy-mouthed fanboy jocking. in other words, i'll happily shut up as long as you dipshits do it first.

and to think i actually remember a time when half the threads on this board weren't on something so gay as arguing over which promotion is the one you should sack ride, as if picking one is some kind of requirement to being an mma fan. you people are some sad bitches.

Boy have you ever milked connotation out of a few harmless and ribbing posts.

Well done, Serious-Man!

I thought the CroCop wagon was up and running years ago =-\

Crocop is a very dangerous man.

Here is a list of fighters who can beat crocop. fedor, nog,rutten, randleman, arlovski. not silvia(to slow and standing target that would get killed by his bombs.