CroCop biggest star in UFC?

I have a feeling CroCop will be the biggest star in the UFC eclipsing even GSP or Chack


i m not sure how many people that dont know pride or k-1 know mirko

Yes, he "will" be. I agree.. But, he won't be on entry. The casual fans won't know who he is.

I doubt it hubris, that will require at least a few years, and for others to falter in the mean time. Flat out, I think your dream is never going to become a reality.

"When did GSP become this big, huge star?

He's STILL not known much at all outside of the UG and Canada."

Not sure about GSP but Tito/Ken/Chuck are probably the biggest in the sport.

As "international" as Pride is considered, Fedor even said in an interview that people barely know him in his own country. He said he only gets recognized in Japan.

Now coming from the best fighter in the world, that says a lot.

Yes, fighters are huge in Japan but that's not the biggest market in the world either.

No, GSP is.

"When did GSP become this big, huge star?

He's STILL not known much at all outside of the UG and Canada."

You've got to be kidding me. All my friends from work here in Ireland have seen UFC maybe twice at most and they all know who GSP is. Georges is known all over the world. Make no mistake about it.

"And David Hasslehoff is HUGE in Germany."


"He's a national hero in Croatia. He is well known. I even was talking to a bartender on a cruise from croatia and I asked him if he knew who CroCop was and he said Yah Mirko Filipovic."

He is huge in Croatia but that's not what max power was saying.

He's talking about the US, genius. And he's right. That's why they are giving him Sanchez.

American fans like to be entertained and excited, and they are huge fans of the KO.... give Cro Cop a couple of highlight reel fights ending in such, and he'll be huge.....

....... especially if/when one of those ko's comes high from the left leg.

Doubtful, but I am happy as hell to see him in UFC.

"I have hardly heard of Cro Cop and i've only seen some of his old K-1 fights, he never impressed me.
I dont get all the hype."

If you weren't trolling it'd probably make more sense to you.

The only problem is, TBDSS is watched by a very small audience. The ratings for that show are pitiful. Not the kind of exposure you can get on UFC's on Spike, not even remotely close.

He will be, once he takes a couple heads off.

the TUF NOOBs are going to shit their pants

a couple spectacular KO's setting up a title fight with sylvia and a 1st round assualt on sylvia and CC will be well on his way to being the biggest star the UFC has seen... if his perchant for highlight reel KO's follows him into the UFC, he will gain an early era tyson like presence...

Star and popular are not the same things. GSP is the biggest star. Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie are the most popular, even today.

I have actually been rather suprised by the number of new TUF fans that know who Mirko is. Given what he will likely do to the sub par UFC HW division I believe he will be a huge star.

as soon as ppl start seeing his left leg send ppl to the hospital...those drunk fools on TV will start loving him.