CroCop can't beat Sylvia

ok..actually he can..and most likely will...misleading title I know...but "CroCop is going to have a hard time with Sylvia's height" would not fit in the box.


But I don't think it's gonna be with his trademark headkick. I think Tim is just to tall, and his reach is to great.

one of, if not the biggest reason Tim is his height and his reach. It's hard to knock him out because he is so tall.

who is the tallest person Mirko has KO'd?

no hes not u see since hes so tall its not gonna be a head kick

its gonna be a liver kick

My prayers were answered when I saw Cro Cop will be fighting in the UFC...just so I can see him murder Tim Sylvia. And he will. I just hope he gets to fight him even if Sylvia loses to Vera first, which I think he will.


Cro Cop via Leg kick

For a guy so big, Tim's got skinny legs compared to the rest of his body

cro cop comes from K1 .....his stand up is light years ahead of tims....he's
developed a great sprawl.....& has been working his ground game with

fabricio werdum.......i predict cro cop any way he chooses......

I'm not questioning Crocop's chance of winning...he is gonna question is with Tim's will he win?

most likely it will not be with the headkick.

I think he will kick Tim's legs out from under him and finish him with some good old fashioned ground and pound.

The tallest fighter cro cop has ever fought was in k-1 against jan the giant nortje in which crop cop won by ko

I still want to see it, I don't care how it ends.

I don't think CroCop will be able to handle Tim's spinning back kick.

cro cop by murder.

Sherm...Alexander Emelianenko is 6'6" and CroCop nearly decapitated him and hit him almost on top of the head...Timmy is what? 2 inches taller?...

also, Timmy will be slouching over because his legs are going to be kicked into putty

Tim is knock kneed as it is (knees bow inward and he overpronates) so it will be very easy to score repeated outside leg kicks. Tim is tall and very effective at what he does in the cage, and all he does is win...


Repeated leg kicks, and Mirko WILL be able to land them consistently, will indeed be a huge factor in their title fight.

Tim has a punchers chance, but the line on this fight should favor Folipovic considerably.

Does Mirko finish him in the first round?

I say legkicks as well. Given Tim's height and how religously he keeps his hands up I seriously doubt a KO via headkick.

Funny part is that Tim can put anybody away if he lands, and he's good at landing whether ya hate him or not... say whatever you want about "another level"...Crocop steps into one it's over. Even though I't tired of seeing him grind out wins with mild agression, a big part of me would love to see this happen just to see everybody lose their fucking mind.

My guess is Crocop will bang the shit out of his legs and end up with a win one way or the other though.

Tim Sylvia has never fought a fighter with Crocops striking skills. He has never even trained with a fighter of Crocops striking skills. Not too many southpaw HWs with brutal kicks from the left side going around

Meanwhile Crocop has already defeated 3 "Giants"

tim has been knocked down n rocked by shorter fighters...crocop has ko'd tall fighters.shouldnt be prob.i do wanna know how many people in the ug will commit suicide if tim gets lucky and ko's crocop.

Cro Cop via leg kicks!!

has cro cop ever fought schilt?

"i do wanna know how many people in the ug will commit suicide if tim gets lucky and ko's crocop."

There's been many a night where I woke up, shivering and with cold sweats. The nightmare is that Tim connects with a backpeddling punch and knocks down Cro Cop, Tim pounces and finishes the TKO. Dana then spends $10 million on Fedor, who walks into an overhand right.


I honestly wonder how Tim feels KNOWNING that he is about to lose his title. I bet the same as Franklin did when Silva was brought in