crocop huge favorite in gp?

wrestling observer website has a poll (go vote)
to pick who you think will win the pride gp. mirko has over 40% of the votes. a dist 2nd is nog and my pick (fedor) is even farther back in 3rd!!!

Cro Cop is the future of the Pride HW division at this time.

I've been one of this biggest fans since he walked into his first ever GP (1999) and it took Ernesto Hoost to knock him out in the finals. THAT, my friends, is a bad, bad man.



Personally, I don't think he will win, but if you had to pick a favorite, it's logical to pick him.

When he wins -- which he usually does -- he does it fast and without taking any damage or expending a whole lot of energy. Especially if he makes it to the final show, he will probably be much fresher going into the finals than anyone in the other slot.

Cro-cop is the most exiting fighter to watch today.

Fedor will win - and dominate everyone he fights.

Cop will have to get 3 KOs relatively early. He wont be able to keep getting up from under a Randleman, Fedor, Coleman or Minotaur if he gets taken down repeatedly.

are you guys aware that the gp is spread over 3 events?