CroCop/Kanehara pbp(spoiler!)

Once again credit goes to (o Y o) from Iron Life forum

Round 1
Kane makes a move to takedown, gets punched, falls but scrambles....Mirko picks off shots cuatiously but Kane also lands a solid shot....several shots land on Kane and Kane calls him on for more.

Kane tackles, Mirko sprawls and several knees from north south...Mirko calls him to his feet...Mirko is not looking like himself at all. Kane falling to the groud pretty easily but Mirko calling him up again

Kane has red swollen eye......and is taking some damage, but doing well....Mirko throws him down, half lands a huge soccer kick before calling kane bak to his feet...

....Some more big knees from north south,,,a stomp that misses, and back to the feet.

Mirko looking gassed a little....hands way down low

Kane bleeding from both eyes....they fall to the ground and Mirko gets full mount and goes for a sub...Kane gets out and they are on the feet.....they go down again, Nirko stands, two soccer kicks and he calls him up...Kane is brusied in the ribs as well as face, but is a tough fucker 1 minute and there is a stopfor doc check to cut on Kane`s head. Quite a lot of blood dripping down.....

Mirko really looks stiff compared to usual.


After another tackle, with Kane ending on the ground, Mirko jumping stomps but only one leg lands on kane@s stomach right as the bell rings.

Final round

Mirko pressures him into the corner, then clinches...moves back outand uses the thi clinch with knees....Kane goes down into north south andd gets two big knees to the head

Mirko tries a choke, but its not effective so he gives it up and they stand.

some ineffective punching by both, then a shoot from Kane and he gets a single leg, which Mirko pulls out of and again gets the north south position,.....he gives it up and calls Kane up

Mirko sweps him again, but leaves him on the ground.

Final 30

some punches from both, some more knees from Mirko, and the round ends

"3-0 to Mirko......I`d have to guess Mirko was sick though as he didn`t look too good....nor does he seem happy."

Mirko trying subs?? props to him for trying to expand his game!

A moral victory for Kanehara. Just shows how ignorant people here are labelling him a can.

Disappointing night for Crocop.

Kanehara would easily wreck the UFC MW division. NO doubt about it.

At least give Mirko props for trying subs. I think he could have finished the fight sooner, but wanted to test his new abilities.

"Kanehara would easily wreck the UFC MW division. NO doubt about it."

LOL. You're good value EY.

I just saw it. Mirko won going away, however, he needs BETTER STAMINA !

Mirko is a better all around fighter now, and he showed glimpses of greatness against Kanehara. However, he has been concentrating alot on things outside the ring namely Movies and Politics.

My feeling is that if he wants to win the Pride HW Title, he better re commit himself to training, particularly stamina training. Roadwork, wind sprints, etc.

Curious to see the fight. From that play by play it actually sounds like Mirko was doing MORE than usual, i.e., being more aggressive with knees and punches, just not happening to land the big KO kick.

Odd that he couldn't finish from mount, though.

I can't wait to see this. It's good Crocop is expanding his game.
Sounds like Kanehara did pretty well surviving. I don't think I've seen him fight before... time to go through the old tape collection again to make sure =)

"He really needs to leave croatia and train with a good team"

I agree, he needs to train with a good grappling team.

"I just saw it. Mirko won going away, however, he needs BETTER STAMINA !"

I have been saying this for a while now. Mirko has been gasping for air in a number of his fights, such as the Waterman and Nogieura fights.

Cro cop looked bad tonight.