CroCop/Randleman was a work!

I can almost imagine the seething, foam-at-the-mouth frenzyied UG'er who sees the thread title and races to prepare a barrage of insults and rants.

Some of you guys take this shit way too seriously..

btw: just in case there is still a crumb of doubt in your mind.. I'm joking.

Bull in chinashop is correct. i am also sure this fight was 100% a work.

i wouldn't know haven't seen the fight yet.

Better than being KKMIAN.

damn. I made one and it got erased. And your shit gets to stay?

"damn. I made one and it got erased. And your shit gets to stay?"


less efficient trolling, maybe? ;)


less efficient trolling, maybe? ;)

No it was too good, that's why it got deleted.

I posted the same thing in afew other threads and the posts got deleted as well. believe me my arguments were good. so good so threatening, lol.

This is smilar to the time when I got my Yoshida diary entries deleted as well. (how harmful was that, except it stated that he didn't want to fight new year's eve and he only trained for a week)

The UG has their interests to uphold the integrity of the fighters they support. I understand that.

Wonder how much CC was paid to take the dive?


And your shit gets to stay?I've got clout.